Piracy Is About To Get Pwned!!
March 21, 2011
Just came across this random post earlier tonight... figured we'd post it up for y'all to read up and have something to think and chat about. Especially those of you who pride yourselves on your pirating skills and massive digital music collection, which you spent all of $0 for. Take a good look at what you could be facing if you think that you can just keep stealing music moving forward... here's an excerpt from the post:

"The Obama administration is going to make torrent streaming, also known as P2P (peer to peer) sharing of music, a felony. A felony. This means, according to the Administration’s White Paper, recommending an upgrade to the act of illegal streaming of music to one of “financial espionage,” carrying prison time of up to 20 years."

Yes you read that right!! A Felony!! Check out the rest of the article at this location:
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