Likes And Leaks...
March 20, 2011
Well, here we are starting off another miserable week in 2011, and I only say that because I'm suffering from some kind of relentless sickness... on the positive side of life, there have been lots of extreme successes in Metal, with Whitechapel's 'Welcome To Hell' tour selling out a whole list of dates, everything associated with Sumerian Records/Pantheon Agency and their SXSW presence was sold out, California Metal Fest was sold out, and the AILD/WoP tour did quite well too... and of course, the forthcoming Grand Opening of Soundcheck Hollywood! A retail record store in a time where too many record stores are closing their doors. Good times for Metal indeed!

On the not so great side of things, Leaks are continuing to ruin everything for labels and bands. Not really cool, but what makes it funny to me is this... labels reps tell me to avoid leaks, they can't send ANYTHING to ANYONE before THIS date. And I'm like, "Sure, no worries"... then their oh so tightly held album leaks like a stuck pig 1 to 2 weeks before this magical date they gave me. And I think to myself... if NO ONE was supposed to have it, how did it leak? Surely the band or someone at the label wouldn't do that? Right? Well, once you get to know enough people you find out that plenty of industry people that are part of the 'cool crowd' (that you obviously aren't a part of) had it super early. And if you do the basic math, it's easy to conclude that that one friend shared it with another and so on and so forth until it landed in the wrong hands and BOOM... It-Leaked! So where's all the prosecution for whomever leaked it? Your guess is as good as mine. It's just good to know it wasn't me, because well, I didn't even have it! But enough about that. Fuck the politics and the cool crowd. Dunno about you, but that's not why I got into Metal...

Anyhow, on to the likes... Facebook is now the dominating platform for bands to promote themselves with, and this makes each 'like' extremely important for the up and coming bands out there. So we decided to provide you with a few links to bands that we feel you should check out. And we will do this as often as we feel inclined... which isn't very often, but hey, we don't get paid to do this shit! So yeah, here's some new stuff to check out and 'Like' if ya haven't already:

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