All Shall Perish Post Fourth Video Update
March 15, 2011
Yes, we are well aware that we missed posting update #3, but hey... we miss a lot of stuff here due to time constraints... oh fucking well. Anyhow, check out Update #4 from the Bay Area's Extreme metal titans... All Shall Fucking Perish! And yes, Eddie is in fact rocking the Loudside tee and we do appreciate the support! \m/

All Shall Perish are currently out on the road as part of the 'Spread The Venom' tour alongside Kataklysm, Decrepit Birth, Conducting From The Grave and Abysmal Dawn, so be sure to catch them when they roll through your area! Also be sure to check out their newest track, "Divine Illusion," if you haven't already... stream the song and check out the tour dates on their Official Facebook Page! Head on over and get into it!
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