'Blood Into Wine' DVD/Blu-Ray Release Pushed Back
April 19, 2010
The DVD/Blu-Ray release of 'Blood Into Wine', the critically-acclaimed documentary about Tool/Puscifer front man Maynard James Keenan and his Arizona wine exploits, has moved to Sept. 4.

Demand for theatrical screenings in both the U.S. and internationally have far surpassed the film company's (Dreamy Draw Releasing) initial expectations with engagements in over fifty U.S. cities to date with more being announced daily. International screenings will begin over the summer.

The DVD/Blu-Ray release will have several bonus features including segments on Sacred Geometry, additional footage with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (of Adult Swim's Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) and a live Puscifer montage.

Blood Into Wine focuses on Keenan and vineyard partner Eric Glomski as they attempt to revolutionize the U.S. wine industry by creating a new wine region in Northern Arizona. The film also features Milla Jovovich, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim as well as live music performances and comedy.

Quotes about Blood Into Wine:

"The frisson between his [Keenan] well-crafted personal mystique and the way the film presents him as a dedicated new winemaker learning his craft is intriguing." - Los Angeles Times

"...a rock 'n roll version of Sideways." -

"As Blood into Wine makes clear, the 45-year-old Mr. Keenan isn't a musical celebrity who lent his name to a product. He gets down into the soil to plant and destem vines and pick grapes. He's learned oenology with painstaking deliberation." - Wall St. Journal

"It's a behind-the-curtain peek at a notoriously publicity-shy celebrity, but more than that, it's a fascinating look at pioneers braving the Arizona elements to create drinkable art." - San Diego CityBeat

Upcoming screenings:
4/21 - Philadelphia, PA - The Balcony at The Trocadero
4/22 - DC - Arlington Drafthouse
4/22 - Honolulu, HI - Honolulu International Film Festival
4/23 to 4/29 - Cincinnati, OH - Mariemont Theatre
4/28 - Tucson, AZ - The Loft Cinema
5/06 - Three Oaks, MI - Vickers Theatre
5/07 - Missoula, MT - The Wilma Theatre
5/14 & 5/15 - Modesto, CA - The State Theatre of Modesto
5/14 to 5/20 - Burlington, VT - Merrill's Roxy Cinema
5/17 to 5/20 & 5/22 to 5/24 - Nantucket, MA - Starlight Theatre
5/20 - Milwaukee, WI - Times Cinema
5/21 & 5/22 - Winston-Salem, NC - a/perture Cinema
5/21 & 5/28 - Cleveland, OH - Cleveland Museum of Art
5/22 - Flagstaff, AZ - Orpheum Theatre
5/27 - New York, NY - City Winery NYC (w/ Special Guests Q&A)
6/10 - Sacramento, CA - The Crest Theatre
6/17 - Grand Rapids, MI - Wealthy Theater

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