Ov Hell's 'The Underworld Regime' Now Streaming Online
April 7, 2010
Black metal super group, Ov Hell's debut full length, 'The Underworld Regime', is now streaming courtesy of Go here to check it out in its entirety. The album will be released released on April 13th in North America by Prosthetic Records via an agreement with Indie Recordings. Prosthetic will be releasing 'The Underworld Regime' on CD and a 12" LP picture disc, limited to 666 copies. You can pre-order all formats now. Bundles are also available with T shirts. Check it out now at the Prosthetic webstore.

This group of Satan's all-stars has been sharpening their teeth in some of black metal's most influential bands for many years. Known as key figures in bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Gorgoroth, Shagrath and King have come together to bring forward a new chapter in Norwegian black metal history. Ov Hell will carry on in the same tradition for which King and Shagrath are known, but the collaboration between the two will mark a new era for them both.

'The Underworld Regime'
originally started off as what was to be a new Gorgoroth album. After a lengthy legal dispute over the band's name, King and Gorgoroth vocalist Gaahl took the album to be a God Seed release. Then Gaahl decided to leave the metal world, and Shagrath entered the picture to collaborate with King, and Ov Hell was born.

The album was recorded at Earshot Studio with producer Herbrand Larsen and mastered at Living Room Studios by Espen Berg. Frost (Satyricon, 1349), Ice Dale (Enslaved, I, Audrey Horne, Trinacria, Demonaz) and Teloch (Nidingr, God Seed, 1349, Umoral) were recruited for work in the studio. The album combines the best from two worlds - King`s remarkable riffs and the distinguishable voice of Shagrath. The end result is a black metal album that contains all of the power and blast beats worthy of their evil pedigrees. Expect an assault on all false gods and hypocrisy that is of this world today.
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