The End Of All Reason Post Studio Photos Online
September 14, 2009
Fast rising Belgian metal extremists, The End Of All Reason, have posted photos from the 'Artifacts' studio sessions in the band's Myspace photo album. Check out one of the photos below.

The End Of All Reason are also currently involved in the Rock The Nation Award 2009 contest. You can vote for them at by doing the following:
1) Click on the link above
2) Click on the letter "T"
3) Find and Vote For The End Of All Reason

In other news, the band recently issued the following massive update on the recording of the new album, 'Artifacts', amongst numerous other things going on in the TEOAR camp:

"Hi there! So finally a big update on how things are going in TEOAR world.

We've been working our asses off on completing our full length album and beside some details in a couple of songs, it's done. We're very stoked to head into the studio for this one, as it really feels like it's the best material we've ever written. It took some time and a lot of effort but it's gonna be worth it, that's for sure!

The album will be called 'Artifacts', it has 10 tracks spreading over 60 minutes. Most of them are around 5-6 minutes long, but there are shorter ones and much longer ones (the longest song is 12 minutes long). Stylewise it's faster and way more agressive than our EP. And allthough most of the songs are death metal oriented, there are lots of surprises hidden in there. Also, the songstructures are thought through a lot more.

One of the aspects that we're most proud of is the storyline. It's a concept album about time travelling. And to visualize the story we contacted Par Olofsson who created one of his most breathtaking covers ever. Ofcourse we won't be revealing this anytime soon. Just made sure that the artwork-phase was out of the way...

We will be heading into the studio in late september, early october. Once again we'll be working with Sven Janssens, this time in his brand new studio, so we are very much looking forward to that! It's still too early to pick a release date already, but we figure it will be around March.

And since we were missing someone in the drum department for such a long time, we had to look for a studio drummer. Again, we're still keeping this confidential for some time. But what we CAN say is that we're very, very stoked about it! In the mean time, we have a new session drummer filling in for all the dates we have coming up. So we still remain in search for a permanent drummer. (For those who are interested to try out, mail to

We also have a brandnew myspace up and running, please feel free to snoop
around on it a bit! As you can see we alo have a new logo. We figured it was time to change it, as we were looking for something more timeless. It fits the new music way better.

And last but not least, we're very proud to announce the following endorsement deals that we recently picked up:
Tech 21
Skull Strings

Music Office Brussels
And there are more companies to follow!

Also we will be working with metal legends such as Sven Janssens (Aborted)
as our producer, Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated) for the mixing
& Dirty Icon Productions for our Mastering!!

So that's it for now, we'll try to keep you updated a little more in the future!"

The End Of All Reason
released a stunning EP, entitled 'Fragmented', in 2008 via IForUs Records.

You can follow The End Of All Reason online to get updates and more via the following links:,,,
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