Trigger The Bloodshed Recruits Aborted's Dan Wilding
August 4, 2009
The UK’s fast rising hyperblasting heavyweights, Trigger The Bloodshed, have issued the following update:

“Some of you may have heard rumors flying around over the recent weeks about Max leaving the band, we can now confirm that these rumors ARE true.
For a little while, Max has felt he has not been fulfilling the genre of music he wanted to pursue with a band, although he has enjoyed every moment with Trigger, he just felt his heart was not in the music and has gone on to fill this void playing and creating music in a genre he is more passionate about.
There are no hard feelings between Max and the band, he is still one of our best friends and we wish him all the luck and success in the world with his future projects.
Now comes the question of who is to replace him.
After speaking to a few people and trying out a few promising musicians, we were contacting drummer Dan Wilding of legendary death metal band Aborted, who offered his services to fill in for us during our upcoming Dominatour. After e-mails back and forth, Dan expressed interest in taking over the drums full time and it’s as simple as that really.
Dan learned the songs, came to practice and he was the drummer for Trigger from the time the stick hit the skin for the first blast beat of 'The Great Depression'.
We are stoked to have Dan join the band and he has fit in straight away and we can't wait to hit the road with him and play some fucking heavy riffs.
Make sure you come check us out with Dan over the next month on the Dominatour alongside Annotations of an Autopsy, Burning Skies and Viatrophy.
And for those of you who don't know Dan or his skills on a kit, here's a little video to wet your appetite." Check out the video below.
More updates coming soon!

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