Ephel Duath Guitarist Comments On New Album
June 21, 2008
Davide Tiso, guitarist and founding member of Italian experimental jazz metallers Ephel Duath, has spoken about the band's upcoming new album, 'Through My Dog's Eyes'.

Commented Davide: "'Through My Dog's Eyes' is a generous album and we are extremely proud of it. After tons of preproductions we are ready to enter the studio this next July 14 to complete the recording sessions. We have tried to limitate intricate structures, and dissonant arrangements, offering a warm trip not too difficult to capture and appreciate. This album arrives directly to the stomach of the listener, but not using any kind of violence. The body of TMDE is massive, his eyes are delicate and gentle: what you find in a big size dog.

Considering our career so far, this is the album that in the composition phase had the chance to breathe the most, and this has let us keep just the best of it. The core of every song became the song itself. We've gone through so many things while making this record that it can be felt in the music but contrary to the past the outcome is positive: no matter how painful the journey, you have to find something good in it too. This album is an ode to life, simply."

Ephel Duath are set to enter Outer Sound Studios in Rome on July 14th to complete the recording of 'Through My Dog's Eyes' with producer Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Klimt 1918). The drums for the album have already been recorded by Marco Minnemann at Seacoast Studio in Imperial Beach, California. Mastering for 'Through My Dog's Eyes' will take place at Finnvox Studios (HIM, Nightwish) in Helsinki, Finland, while the artwork for the album is being done by Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Isis, Sunno)))).

Due to be released later this year by Earache Record, 'Through My Dog's Eyes' will have the following track listing:

01. Gift
02. Promenade
03. Breed
04. Silent Door
05. Bella Morte
06. Nina
07. Guardian
08. Spider Shaped Leaves
09. Bark Loud

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