Nevea Tears
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Run With The Hunted

Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You
Do I Have To Tell You Why To Buy This
July 17, 2004
Eulogy Recordings will begin shipping Nevea Tears' new album Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You next week to those of you that order it from their site. The CD wont be in stores till September 14th, so go order it now here.
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HOME TOWN: Glendora, CA
John Morello (vocals)
Greg Gillis(vocals/guitar)
Brent Doan (guitar)
Dom Gomez (bass)
Amber Barnard (drums)
Jeff Metajan (keyboards)

The story of us, page one... Somewhere in Southern California a man found a phone number hanging on a wall. Two weeks later, Nevea Tears formed. With humble beginnings as six unique individuals who by all accounts should have never even known each other, much less been in a band together, Nevea Tears finally solidified its line up in late 2002. Soon after, Nevea Tears quickly established themselves as one of the most dynamic upcoming bands around. With powerful vocals, hypnotizing keyboards, and crushing breakdowns the band almost immediately established a reputation of live shows filled with intensity, madness, and the occasional blood loss. Combined with songwriting that incorporates a multitude of sounds ranging from hardcore to pop punk to techno, the versatility of Nevea Tears can only be described as screamatronic. Continually defining and refining the genre, Nevea Tears continually proves to both surprise and amaze fans. If youre into Refused, From Autumn to Ashes, Killswitch Engage, Hopesfall, etc. give Nevea Tears a listen.