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Let The Tempest Come
Neaera Issues Studio Update
January 24, 2009
German extreme metallers, Neaera, are still busy laying down the tracks for their forthcoming fourth album!

“We started on the 12th of January recording our new album in the Rape Of Harmonies studios”, comments guitarist Tobias Buck. “The collaboration with the studio guys Alexander Dietz, Ralf Möller and Patrick W. Engel is working out perfectly and we are right on time! Drums, rhythm and lead guitars have been recorded and right now Benjamin is busy laying down the bass tracks.

We can reveal a few confirmed song titles, 'Prey To Anguish’, ‘I Loathe’, and ‘Age Of Hunger’.”

The new album is tentatively scheduled for a May release.

For more info and updates on Neaera, be sure to visit , and
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Neaera Recording New Album, Extend Deal With Metal Blade
January 16, 2009
Germany's deathmetalcore heavyweights, Neaera, have finished the songwriting process for their upcoming yet to be titled new album. The band will enter the Rape Of Harmonies studios in Germany on Monday next week with Alexander Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) at the helm. The album will be mixed and mastered by famed producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Agnostic Front, Terror, The Acacia Strain).

Look for this album around May of 2009.

In other news, Neaera, has extended their worldwide record deal with Metal Blade for another three records. The signing of the contract took place after the bands show in Karlsruhe on the 28th of December. Below is the celebratory posse including all band members and several Metal Blade Germany staff members.,
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Sonic Syndicate: New Episode Of Sonic TV Now Online
December 5, 2008
Sweden’s Sonic Syndicate have uploaded another episode of the so-called Sonic TV. Check it out below and get an idea how it feels like to be on a huge tour with In Flames.

Sonic Syndicate also are nominated for the Bandit Rock Awards in the following categories:

Best Swedish Group Artist
Best Swedish Album
Best Swedish Live Act

Vote for them at

The band will soon hit the road as the headlining act for the Darkness Over X-Mas Tour, see exact dates below!

Darkness Over X-Mas Tour
Featuring Sonic Syndicate, Legion Of The Damned, Neaera, Callejon, Lay Down Rotten, Anima:
12/25 - Köln, GERMANY @ Essigfabrik
12/26 - Leipzig, GERMANY @ Werk 2 (+ Maroon)
12/27 - Herford, GERMANY @ X
12/28 - Karlsruhe, GERMANY @ Substage
12/29 - Henndorf bei Salzburg, AUSTRIA @ Wallerseehalle
12/30 - Aschaffenburg, GERMANY @ Colossaal

For more info on Sonic Syndicate, visit, or head on over to
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Aborted Posts 'Aborted TV - Episode 1' Online
November 4, 2008
Belgian extreme metal titans, Aborted, have posted Episode 1 of "Aborted TV" to their Official Myspace page. The first episode of the official Aborted youtube / myspace videos features the bands appearance at Summer Breeze 08 and a brief tour report on the Suffer And Die tour with Neaera and Textures.

Aborted recently came off a successful second U.S. tour supporting Legendary deathgrind pioneers, Carcass, on their "Exhumed To Consume" Reunion tour, alongside Suffocation, 1349, and Rotten Sound. The first U.S. stint in support of their latest album, 'Strychnine.213', seen the band take part in this summer's second annual "Summer Slaughter" festival, alongside The Black Dahlia Murder, Kataklysm, Vader, Cryptopsy, The Faceless, Despised Icon, Born Of Osiris, Psycroptic, and Whitechapel.
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HOME TOWN: Münster
Benny Hilleke - Vocals
Tobias Buck- Guitar
Benjamin Donath - Bass
Stefan Keller - Guitar
Sebastian Heldt - Drums

In the summer of 2003, Tobias Buck, who at that time played the lead guitar in the Münster death metal formation MALZAN, decided to start a metal side project that should take a different musical direction and lay more emphasis soundwise on power metal and hardcore influences. To carry out his plans, Toby teamed up with drummer Sebastian Heldt, whom he had already played together with in the 1998 Münster talent competition winning new metal band SPOUT, and with singer Benny Hilleke, who had no band experience whatsoever.

The three of them started writing songs and rehearsing together, but soon realised that with only a guitar and a drum, they would not be able to develop the amount of pressure necessary to create the aggressive overall metal sound they were aiming for. Toby consquently called up former MALZAN rhythm guitarist Benjamin Donath, who had left the band due to musical differences, and asked if he would be interested in taking over the part of bass player in this new group. Donath instantly agreed, and after one or two rehearsals, it was certain that this was going to be the band´s basic lineup. However, the quartet still did not have a name.

Shortly before the first concert, Toby came up with the proposition to call the band THE NINTH GATE. In November 2003, THE NINTH GATE played their first concert in Münster´s Luna Bar. Even though the band received nothing but positive feedback from their audience, they knew that there was still a piece missing in the puzzle, a piece that would soon have to be added to take their song writing and sound diversity to a new level. The band agreed that the engagement of a second guitarist would be the right measure, in order to open new musical doors and add new melodies and harmonies to round up the metal riffs, and to add an extra punch to the hardcore parts.

MALZAN had disbanded in the meantime, so their former bass player Stefan Keller was asked by Toby to play guitar in THE NINTH GATE. Stefan at that time played guitar in the progressive thrash metal band IKONOKLAST, but since he also had many hardcore riffs and song patterns and ideas in mind, he said yes, and thus the final lineup of THE NINTH GATE was completed. The band continued to play concerts and write songs, and in February of 2004, they hit the DOCMA-KLANG STUDIO in Osnabrück to record a 7-track-plus-outro demo CD. The product the band came up with was considered a good effort by everyone who heard it, also because of the very fat overall sound that DOGMA-KLANG-STUDIO producer Matze had managed to create.The demo´s opening track, "Broken Spine", was even played in several clubs, for example Münster´s No.1 underground location, the Sputnikhalle, a fact which made the band extremely proud.

On April 2, 2004, not even a year after the band´s actual foundation, something finally happened that the band would never even have dared to hope for: They were offered a record contract by METAL BLADE RECORDS. The band was very enthusiastic about this, but there was still something they had to do, and that was to change their name. The band agreed that this had to be done mainly because everyone felt that the name simply was not that fitting to their music. So, after two weeks of intense research and negotiation among each other, the band finally found a name that they thought would fit their idea of metal best, and that was also adequate considering the message that the band want to get across to their listeners. The new name was.......NEAERA.