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New Distances
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1. Chambered
2. Sea Which
3. A Restoration Effort
4. I Give You Six Months
5. Newly Restored
6. The Fourragere
7. Gypsy Kids
8. Marquis Lights

Deathwish recruits Narrows step up to the plate and fulfill the name of their highly regarded label. The chaotic brand of punk/metal they play falls into the family of Converge and Coalesce, but they're certainly no rip off band.  Their newest release "New Distances" takes you by the throat and only leaves you with seconds for air. With the haunting screams from Botch/Roy vocalist Dave Verellen backed up by polyrhythmic drums and guitars, you'll find it difficult to not keep coming back for more from this album.

New Distances starts off with the single "Chambered." It begins with a noisy off-time riff, that sounds like the dentist drilling your teeth and just gives the listener a taste of what is in store. The vocals are fierce and mixed quite well. They're not too loud, and blend in perfectly with the guitars and drums, but still maintaining the furious sound they intended. Sea Witch continues the full scale attack that was initiated from the beginning , throwing you through some on-a-dime guitar/drum interplay.

However, they hardly bore you with a same-tempo record the entire time. The slow and eerie instrumental A Restoration Effort creates a frightening ambience that carries throughout the rest of the album. New Distances flows much like a Converge record in the sense that it gives the listener time to really digest their intense high speed metal by adding important interludes that give the album atmosphere and personality. This is very well executed, and Narrows got their point across.

The hardcore aspect of this album keeps your pulse high and makes for an exciting listen the entire way through. This album is recommended for fans of any band on the Deathwish roster, or those who can appreciate well orchestrated technicality with punk flavor. Narrows is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

BOTTOM LINE: Narrows brings forth their own style of chaotic metal on New Distances. Intelligent and passionate, New Distances never fails to deliver.

RATING: 9/11

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New Distances