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Album Releases

Crave And Collapse
HOME TOWN: Cleveland, OH
John Pope (vocals)
Stephan Cushman (drums)
John Larussa (guitar)
Josh King (bass)

Departing into a place of peace and emotion, a place of ideology, liberation and artistic revelation, this is NARCISSUS. Refusing the normality of being normal. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Narcissus started their journey in July of 1998 and aggressively progressed into a strong, diverse and spiritual band of musicians. Besides a compilation release entitled Invasion from the East Coast (1998-Unified Records), Narcissus' first record/EP entitled And Forthwith Came Out Blood and Water (1999-Clenchedfist Records) enabled them to capture a wide audience with its raging melodies and provoking thoughts. The songs tackled situations such as domestic violence to getting in touch and scratching the surface of human frailness. After supporting these two releases, they decided to escalate to the next level with Takehold Records, giving birth to Narcissus' debut full-length record, New Wave Techno Homicide (2000-Takehold Records). With this album, they created a raw, intense entity of technical guitar sounds and dominant high-pitched vocals. Following this, Narcissus supported NWTH and took the nation by storm, hitting as many cities and towns as possible across the country while developing a very rabid and loyal fanbase. Narcissus' most recent release entitled Becoming Leviathan (2001-Takehold Records) has brought them to an extremely challenging new level while expanding into the abyss of their hearts and minds, as they continue to push the envelope. They believe Becoming Leviathan contributes to putting the words, "creative depth" back into music by letting the art speak for itself while taking on every emotion and feeling, whether it is love, pain, sorrow, anger or jubilance. A person has no choice but to embrace what they experience and take from this album. This led into a short U.S. tour with Shelter and earned them a coveted spot at the 2002 Warped Tour. The group recently inked a deal with the newly formed Abacus Recordings, becoming the labelís first official signing. Abacus will re-release Becoming Leviathan with three new studio tracks, along with all new packaging just in time for their first full U.S. tour with Embodyment in February 2003. Narcissus will be entering the studio in mid-March to record their next full length with producer Bill Korecky (Mushroomhead and Keelhaul) at Mars Studio. A late summer release is expected. In conclusion, Narcissus does not claim to be a part of any church, religion, political agenda or marketing tool. They believe in a true God that does not condemn, judge or hate, but opens his arms with love to ANYONE that is willing. The connection of humanity to revolution is only a thought away.