Name Taken
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Album Releases

Hold On
HOME TOWN: Orange County, CA

Name Taken, an indie/emo act out of Orange, CA, has been making an impact on the California scene for about three years. These musical prodigies already had two releases and appearances on various compilations before signing to a record label. Now, with a full length of unreleased gems in tow, Name Taken is unleashing their individualistic brand of hook-laden pop to the masses. Name Taken's music is unrivaled in the underground. Although only a four piece, their sound is nothing short of colossal. Their infectious hooks and intricate stylings make the listener beg for more. Adding on an intense and powerful live performance, they demonstrate their musical versatility in every facet. With soaring vocal melodies and catchy rhythmic dissonance, Name Taken dares to take the tired genre to a new level. Being one of Southern California's sweethearts for some time now, Name Taken has found themselves sharing stages with the likes of many large-scale indie artists. After tons of hard work and perseverance, this once virtually unknown foursome has gained the attention and recognition of many new, adoring fans. Now, with the force of Fiddler Records behind them, the lads in Name Taken are shooting for the stars.