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Make It A Double
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1. The Party
2. Wolves
3. The Start
4. Shneak
5. The Song We Don't Speak Of
6. Escaped
7. Sicko
8. Alien
9. Faded
10. Road Rage
11. Pieces
12. Undone
13. U Turn
14. Shut Up And Skate


And so the members of Mower return with an almost-full-set of new material. Nine new songs including the hidden bonus track, and reaffirming this So Cal band is still making hard rock that's as solid as a valley of granite with Make It A Double. The dueling vocals of Brian Sheerin and Dominic Moscatello compare to two frenetic pitt bulls in a closely confined cage. The meaning of the aforementioned almost-full-set is not to be condescending in its use. Mower has taken six cuts of their previously released material, and re-worked them into a self described, "...jazz, lounge act versions." Astonishingly breathing new life into the classic Mower-fan-favorites. Hence, the title Make It A Double. The ambiguity of listening to, and enjoying "Road Rage" in a mellow context is not as difficult task as one might think. It really comes as natural as shitting for these San Diego cats. Which, is a feat in itself. Some of the other re-writes include "Pieces," "Faded" and "Shut Up And Skate." To hear Sheerin  and Moscatello harmonizing, "How many days will you wear that independent shirt?" may invoke you to buy a pair of silk punk pajamas, and a satin housecoat.

  The first video-and first track off the album-"The Party" starts with that infamous slap-bass technique of bassist Chris McCredie instantaneously summons you to the San Diego band's mantra, and should go over exceedingly well live. As well as, the rest of the tracks. The second one inward titled, "Wolves" is a high-speed number that's got the ferocity of a tank with two high-performance engines gunning double out. And this is attributed partially to Greg Russell's sharp, chunked-out chording guitar work. This is really the quintessence of Mower's method of operation in creating sound. A very sonic vision indeed and formidable guitar player. "The Song We Don't Speak Of" is a play on words for the evil we don't speak of, and is basically about the ignorance of what supposed good people hide behind in that sick place in their mind and calls them out on it, "You would you die for your beliefs? Fight, prove it!...I don't believe you live your life as peaceful as you preach/ the suffering that you have kicked on those that don't believe." Throw some bass-lines behind that via the rhythm section, and you've got some very powerful verse and song. While, "Escaped" pushes the limits of these chic hard rockers to a new twilight of their maniacal manifesto. The twisting-riffed guitar, the expeditious drum changes, the trenchant vocals and the voice talking in a deep backtrack are substance to back that claim.

BOTTOM LINE: No matter what kind of mood you're in, or day you're having (shitty, even shittier) the two styles of this Mower disc-download-will assist you through the day with one serious-ass-crutch! - Gigz Giger

RATING: 9/11

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Make It A Double

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