Most Precious Blood
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Do Not Resuscitate
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01. A Danger To Myself And Others 
02. Shut The Fuck Up, Jailbreak
03. Meth Mites
04. Blame It On Altered Beast
05. Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking
06. Upstate Ghost
07. Enthusiastic Eugenicist 
08. Functional Autist
09. Graveyard Postcards
10. Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together
11. Animal Mother
12. Do Not Resuscitate

Review By Rawb Danger:

Forget what you know/loved about Most Precious Blood’s previous albums. “Do Not Resuscitate” strays from the bands earlier material, but has met my ears with mixed feelings. The biggest drawback to this album is the varying production quality. While most of the tracks have more of a raw sound to them, a few come off a little cleaner sounding than most (mainly towards the end of the album). At first I was disappointed by the under produced approach the band took for this album. The vocals sounded muddy and buried in the music. They weren’t as upfront and in your face as with previous efforts. Rob Fusco’s vocal approach was different too. It seemed as if every other word out of his mouth was held out, which got annoying at first, but eventually grew on me. The guitars sounded just as muddy as the vocals, and the bass didn’t seem to have that thick, groovy tone which I’d grown accustomed to. The drums seemed to be the only “deeming quality” with this record at first, because it was obvious that they were back bone to this record and helped to set the pace on “Do Not Resuscitate.”

This album is fast, furious and pissed off. It gives off a feeling of uneasiness, which made me unsure how to view this album: did I love it, or did I hate it? Should the band have taken a different approach to this album, or leave it the way it is? I kept asking myself these questions as I listened to it multiple times, and decided, its best to not question the band’s intentions. The under produced and “raw” feeling are what makes this album so unique and different (for lack of a better term). It would be a safe assumption to say that this is Most Precious Blood’s most honest album. It still has that “MPB sound” (whatever that means), it’s still hardcore, and it’s still pissed off.

Try not to look too deep into finding a meaning in “Do Not Resuscitate” and take it for what it is: an honest and pissed off hardcore record.

RATING: 7/11

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