Molotov Solution
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The Harbinger
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1. Warlords
2. Rule By Secrecy
3. Only The Dead
4. Atrum Inritus
5. Corpus Imperium
6. Monolithic Apparatus
7. The Harbinger
8. Enslaved
9. Awakening
10. Living Proof
11. The Dawn Of Ascendency

I have been a big fan of Molotov Solution for a long time now. I purchased their self released EP “The Path To Extinction” back in ’05 and it was different from anything I had ever heard. Guttural vocals over raw deathcore with acoustic interludes. The band then created an amazing split in 2006 with War From A Harlots Mouth with a matured, progressed sound. Two years later in 2008, the band released their self titled debut. A definite change in sound from their previous efforts but still enjoyable, and still Molotov. Now in 2009, the band has created an album that is decent at best.

In 2008, all but one band member left, leaving only the guitarist to recreate Molotov Solution. That being said, in my opinion, either one of two scenarios occurred: the remaining guitarist wrote the entire record “The Harbinger,” or the dudes he recruited for the band jammed like maniacs to put out a record. Either scenario leaves “The Harbinger” to suffer.

Starting “The Harbinger” I did not know what exactly to expect. Could this new band match the older intensity and originality? The answer is no. There are no gutturals on this album, and the lyrics are at best pseudo-politically aware. Not being able to create the fervor of their previous works. The writing feels at times as if it was written as a continuation of their self titled, and is unfitting of Molotov’s growth. All of my gripes aside, “The Harbinger” is still a decent record.

New fans can easily connect with the songs and enjoy them. The songs are heavy and the basic style is still fitting of Molotov Solution. Plenty of tremolo picking and breakdowns with layered vocals over. The songs are simple and easy to follow which is great for deathcore fans. However, there are some slower moments that are a welcome change to their sound, and create a more atmospheric feel. Production on the album is fitting and works with their new sound. No member sounds out of place, and everyone can be heard clearly.

BOTTOM LINE: “The Harbinger” is a step in the direction I had hoped Molotov Solution would not take. This album is their weakest work yet, but may still be enjoyable to people just finding out about them. Hopefully old fans will realize this new incarnation is not the band they have come to love and take this band now, as a separate entity. For new fans, I suggest checking out their previous efforts to understand the decline of an original deathcore band.

RATING: 6/11

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