Modern Crimes
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Former APM Members Regroup In Modern Crimes
July 25, 2007
Former A Perfect Murder guitarist Carl Bouchard and drummer Yan Chausse have formed a new band called Modern Crimes with bassist Luc Verville, singer Frank Pellerin and guitarist Kevin Lemire. According to the group's bio, Modern Crimes is "five old best friends getting together and pounding aggressivity again. With a fresh music style. The band is currently writing songs for a future release. Show dates are already being [planned] for September."

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HOME TOWN: Drummondville/Granby, Quebec Canada
Carl Bouchard: Lead Guitar
Kevin Lemire: Guitar
Frank Pellerin: Vocals
Luc Verville: Bass
Yan Chausse: Drums

Getting back at it...
After a lot of torments, a long lay off from playing all together and a lot of BS. We started to hang out all together again. We all wanted to do something together again but with APM still active and working on a new recording and Aces and Eights playing some shows here and there and was kinda difficult to find the time to get together and jam some stuff. But it was seriously bugging us a lot, we wanted to jam together again ASAP and see whats going to happen. So, on a Sunday afternoon we called Yan and tell him that we were going back to our good old practice space and have fun. We knew that jamming some old APM stuff would be a good therapy for all of us. We just nailed some Unbroken and Cease to suffer stuff, songs that some of us had not played in over 3 years. It felt fucking awesome for all of us. After that jam session, we talked a lot about having a new band together, we also talked about the direction we wanted to take with this new band. So with APM done and Aces and Eights on some kind of break we decided to have this band our main project. We started right away to write songs and let Bouch work his magic again. This new band means a lot of things for all of us, it's going to be different from what we have done in the past for sure. We should enter the studio in late august to record a couple of songs. We cant wait to get back on stage and play live together again. Dont wait for us to slow down. Modern Crimes