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Album Releases

Halldór Laxness

Jesus Christ Bobby
HOME TOWN: Iceland
Krummi (vocals)
Bjossi (drums)
Bjarni (guitar)
Ivar (bass)
Frosti (guitar)

3 Years have passed since the making of their critically acclaimed album, Jesus Christ Bobby. In three years Minus have grown; grown in many ways. Grown Hair. Grown Beards. Grown in Years. My have this band grown. Their forthcoming release, entitled Halldor Laxness after the Icelandic author and Nobel prize winner, is Minus’ new found maturity set down on disc. Maintaining their heavy root styles of metal guitar riffs, explosive energy, and ear-drum perforating screams of power, Halldor Laxness displays an additional enlightened side to Minus. Reflecting on the everyday toils of young men in their 20s, such as failed loves (“The plan has failed to kill a love inside my heart”), expectations and pessimism (“Love comes like a bad idea”) and torturous sleepless nights (“I cannot close my eyes, I wait for my demise”); Halldor Laxness is a pure and honest representation of where Minus are at right now. This is not a political record. This is an album of music. Great fucking music. Titles such as “My name is cocaine” and “ Insomniac” come as no surprise in the track listing of this album. The whirly, almost psychedelic layering apparent on most tracks, denotes an unhealthy but productive run of sleepless nights, doped up mixing in a cess pit of week-old empty fast food cartons. This record takes you on a journey; a journey of the night. From the fast and furious opening tracks of Boys of Winter and Who’s Hobo, to the hit single Romantic Exorcism, right through to the hypnotic loops of Insomniac which suffocates you into the eerie “Last Leaf Upon The Tree” with ghost-like guest vocals from KatieJane of Queen Adreena. Halldor Laxness can instigate debaucherous behaviour, or soothe you to sleep. The choice is yours.