Midnight Panic
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HOME TOWN: Bakersfield, CA

"MIDNIGHT PANIC started on an afternoon out at my studio in Bakersfield. Matt Low started working with me on programing different loops and music, which got things off the ground! I found Matt while producing a band that he was in, we worked really good together. Things just kept getting better and we decided to do a band. The first name we had was STATE OF MIND, but then we found out that there was already a band that had that name so we changed it to MIDNIGHT PANIC. My cousin, the guitar player, Peter Shubert started coming around and we got some songs together. I liked what he brought to the table because I always wanted a punk feel to the music and that's what he brought! We had a lot of music together but we needed a strong bass player. I called my longtime friend Mike Montano and he came out to check out the music! He loved it, and ironically Mike was the very first bass player that I had in ADEMA back in 1998. We disbanded that ADEMA in '99 but everything happens for a reason!"