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Mewithoutyou Set Release Date For New Album
June 22, 2004
Mewithoutyou will release their new album Catch For Us The Foxes on September 21st through Tooth & Nail. In support of the release, the band will be hitting the road with Blindside for a U.S. tour. Dates for the trek will be released soon.
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Aaron Weiss (vocals)
Michael Weiss (guitar)
Christopher Kleinberg (guitar)
Daniel Pishock (bass)
Richard Mazzotta (drums)

Rock isnít dangerous any more. The revolutionaries have long since packed their bags and moved uptown creating a void left to be filled with derivative, tired out music. Faux-angst and lip gloss. Hollywood has officially invaded rock and Hollywood ainít dangerous. In the two short years that meWithoutYou has existed, theyíve made a name for themselves by creating challenging and innovative music. Their debut album, (translated as) "A to B Life," on Tooth & Nail Records brings their sound to starving audiences and reinforces their presence in the music world as a band with something to offer. The spoken word/raging scream dynamic employed by lead singer Aaron Weiss is coupled by moody and explosive guitars, a sound reminiscent of the now-defunct bands At the Drive-In and Frodus. The band is more than just similar to those bands, however. They expand and continue on the spastic and volatile sound of the aforementioned bands and create music that is truly their own. Prior to the formation of mewithoutYou, Aaron and his brother Mike, along with Chris Kleinberg played together in The Operation. The creation of Me Without You came about when Aaron, the band's drummer, asked Chris and Mike to "make some music I could holler to." With Mike serving as primary songwriter, the band released an EP with Kickstart Audio, and then signed to Tooth & Nail where they recorded "A to B Life," their first full-length. Produced by J. Robbins, someone whom the band had long since admired, the results on the album are incredible. "I used to listen to a lot of Jawbox, and I like Burning Airlines," said Aaron of two legendary bands Robbins had worked with. "But when we found out that he'd produced some of our favorite indie CDs (Texas Is The Reason, the Dismemberment Plan), we knew that we wanted to work with him. J. was willing to take the time to get the songs to sound the best they could. He worked longer hours than we had expected, and consistently brought new ideas to the table." "A to B Life" is a formidable debut album, one that recaptures the passion of rock and at the same time, brings something new and something even more dangerous to the mix: honesty and a lack of pretense. This is raw expression in its purest form.