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BIG 4 Announces East Coast date at Yankee Stadium.
April 29, 2011
THE BIG 4, the tour package featuring the "Big 4" of 80's Thrash - Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax, has announced another US date on the East Coast, September 14th at Yankee Stadium. Tickets go on sale May 4th. The "BIG 4" played their first, sold-out, US date last weekend in Indio, CA.

For more info: or

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Isn't It Ironic?
March 27, 2011
Imagine, being the drummer of one of the most successful Metal bands on the planet... 10 years ago, you sued the fuck out of some 20 year old guy who revolutionized the music industry (albeit in a completely piratical way). Now, 10 years later, he's a newly minted Billionaire in talks to buy the label that owns your back catalog? What are the odds??

We stumbled upon this info via You can read the actual article in it's entirety at this location.
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The 'Big Four' DVD Due Out November 2nd
September 25, 2010
When the "Big Four," Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax, shared a stage together on June 22nd, 2010, in Sofia, Bulgaria, it was the moment their fans had waited decades for. That monumental show was beamed live into over 1000 theatres worldwide via satellite in a special HD cinematic event.

On November 2nd, 2010, this legendary concert will be available on DVD through Warner Bros. Records. 'The Big Four Live From Sofia' includes full shows from all four bands on a two-disc set as well as behind the scenes and interview footage.

In addition to the two DVD set and the corresponding Blu-Ray, there will be a limited edition "Super Deluxe" Box Set including the 2 DVD set, five CD's with ALL 5 HOURS of music, a 24 page booklet, a two-sided poster, photos of each band, and a collectable Big 4 guitar pick.

These four acts broke out of the underground thrash movement in the 1980's to dominate the metal world, selling millions of records and packing arenas across the globe. Despite huge demand, these musical giants had never shared the same stage. The legendary June 22nd, 2010, concert from the tour's stop of the Sonisphere Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria aired the same day in 79 movie theaters in the U.K, over 450 theaters in over 140 markets in the U.S., as well as being beamed into theaters in Europe, Canada, Latin America, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

In December 2009, the bands announced that they would be joining forces to take part in the traveling Sonisphere Festival for only 7 shows across Europe. This one-time only event, from the Sofia show, made it possible for fans far and wide to participate in what otherwise was a very limited run of dates.

Lars Ulrich of Metallica says of this historic show, "Who would have thought that more than 25 years after its inception, thrash metal's Big Four would not only still be around, be more popular than ever, playing shows together at stadiums all over Europe, and on top of that, coming to a movie theater near you in High Definition (for better or worse??!!). Bring it on!"

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian says, "Damn, as if this Big 4 tour wasn't exciting enough now we get to be on the big screen worldwide! Metal at the movies, two big horns up! It is unbelievably gratifying that this means so much to the metal community around the globe. Get your tix, grab some popcorn and get ready to bang your head!"

Declares Slayer's Kerry King, "I can't believe someone didn't make this happen 15 years ago! The fans finally get what they want. I think it's awesome!"

Says Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, "The magnitude of this event hasn't really sunk in yet, and I am thrilled to know that people around the planet will be able to walk into a movie theatre and experience the greatest line up of Heavy Metal in the history of the world!"

The full tracklisting is:
Anthrax [DVD 1/CD1 - 1 Hour Approx]:
1. Caught In A Mosh 6:07
2. Got The Time 3:41
3. Madhouse 4:39
4. Be All, End All 7:44
5. Antisocial 6:55
6. Indians / Heaven & Hell 9:48
7. Medusa 5:54
8. Only 6:44
9. Metal Thrashing Mad 2:44
10. I Am The Law 7:13

Megadeth [DVD1/CD2 - 1 Hour Approx]:
1. Holy Wars... ¦ The Punishment Due 5:49
2. Hangar 18 5:39
3. Wake Up Dead 3:39
4. Head Crusher 3:49
5. In My Darkest Hour 4:59
6. Skin O' My Teeth 3:14
7. A Tout Le Monde 4:24
8. Hook In Mouth 4:39
9. Trust 5:09
10. Sweating Bullets 4:59
11. Symphony Of Destruction 4:09
12. Peace Sells / Holy Wars Reprise 9:40

Slayer [DVD1/CD3 - 1 Hour Approx]:
1. World Painted Blood 6:27
2. Jihad 4:29
3. War Ensemble 5:11
4. Hate Worldwide 3:09
5. Seasons In The Abyss 6:24
6. Angel Of Death 5:29
7. Beauty Through Order 5:14
8. Disciple 5:04
9. Mandatory Suicide 4:24
10. Chemical Warfare 5:39
11. South Of Heaven 4:19
12. Raining Blood 5:00

Metallica [DVD2/CD4/CD5 - 2 Hours Approx]:
1. Creeping Death 6:24
2. For Whom The Bell Tolls 4:29
3. Fuel 4:19
4. Harvester Of Sorrow 6:44
5. Fade To Black 7:39
6. That Was Just Your Life 6:46
7. Cyanide 6:27
8. Sad But True 7:44
9. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 6:04
10. All Nightmare Long 9:04
11. One 7:04
12. Master Of Puppets 8:37
13. Blackened 7:57
14. Nothing Else Matters 5:24
15. Enter Sandman 6:33
16. Am I Evil? 7:07
17. Hit The Lights 3:28
18. Seek And Destroy 7:44
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'Behind The Music Remastered: Metallica' Premieres Tomorrow
February 5, 2010
VH1's Emmy Award-nominated and critically acclaimed series "Behind The Music," returns to continue some of these now iconic stories. Starting Saturday, February 6 at 10PM ET, VH1 Classic will air eight new half-hour weekly episodes of "Behind the Music Remastered" featuring some of classic rocks seminal artists including: Genesis, Motley Crue, Metallica, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, and John Lennon.

Picking up where the original "Behind the Music" episodes left off, VH1 Classic will air brand new interviews, footage, and video clips that update the stories of several classic artists over the last 10 to 15 years. Heavy metal pioneers, Metallica, will be the focus of this week's show. Be sure to catch the premiere episode of Behind the Music Remastered this Saturday, February 6 at 10/9C only on VH1 Classic.
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The 'Big 4' Will Finally Share The Stage In 2010
December 16, 2009
The world wide web has been abound with speculation on a possible 'BIG FOUR' tour for several months. Now, the UK/European Sonisphere can exclusively reveal that Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax will play together for the first time in history, in a move that will have metalheads across the globe frenzied with excitement.

Says Lars Ulrich/Metallica of this historic announcement: "Who would have thought that more than 25 years after its inception, thrash metal's big 4 would not only still be around and more popular than ever, but will now play together for the first time...what a mindfuck! Bring it on!"

"It's about fucking time this happened," says Slayer's Kerry King, "and about time the fans finally get what they want. This is fucking awesome."

guitarist Scott Ian agrees, commenting on the enormity of the announcement.

"People have been talking about these four bands playing together since 1984. That's twenty-six years of expectation!! And the thing is, I believe not only will we live up to the expectations, we will shatter them! No other four bands as influential as the four of us have ever done this. Imagine if The Beatles, Stones, the Who and Zeppelin had done shows? Or Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Motorhead? Well, I may be getting into some rarified air here but as a fan, that's how big I feel this is."

These four legendary acts broke out of the underground thrash movement to dominate the metal world in the 1980s, selling millions of records and packing arenas across the globe. The metal giants have never before all shared the same stage, despite huge demand. But on June 16, 2010, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax will take to the Sonisphere stage at Bemowo Airport, Poland, to make the dreams of headbangers the world over become a reality. A second Big Four appearance is planned for Sonisphere Czech Republic three days later, with more Sonisphere shows featuring the awesome combo to be announced in the coming days and weeks.

"This is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity for heavy metal fans to see the four greatest heavy metal bands in American history back together on one stage," concludes Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine. "If there are any heads left at the end of this festival that haven't banged, they don't belong there."

Tickets are available from
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HOME TOWN: San Francisco, CA
James Hetfield - Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar
Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Rob Trujillo - Bass

When you're able to brandish the kind of musical firepower that Metallica has unleashed for more than two decades - 10 uncompromising albums, marking an unprecedented reign as the Greatest hard rock band in history you learn a thing or two about where to aim. But curiously enough, the making of their first studio album since 1997's Re-Load, the primal, raptorial, St. Anger, found Metallica not behind the turrets this time, but in the firing line itself.The trials and tribulations leading up to St. Anger are well documented. The fissures in what the band members themselves describe as the well-oiled Metallica machine were beginning to show; Bassist Jason Newsted's nebulous exit from the group. James Hetfield's voluntary sojourn into rehab and much-longed-for sobriety. Public squabbles over the illegal downloading quagmire. All of these issues revealed the kind of seismic fault-lines that even the Metallica jauggernaut could not navigate could not negotiate away.At stake? Nothing less than the very existence of the band itself. Metallica's three principals, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett, along with their frequent producer/collaborator Bob Rock, found themselves at the kind of crossroads worthy of the themes in many a Metallica song. The kind of foreboding scenario Ulrich and Hetfield could write in their sleep.The irony was, if this was Metallica's oft-predicted meltdown, each member would have to face it in his own way. And from the inside out this time, without the Metallica heat-shield to fend off all the bullshit that tends to calcify when you're a member of the most exclusive rock club in the world for twenty-odd years. With James on an indefinite hiatus, the group admitted to becoming 'professional speculators' themselves as to whether Metallica was headed for a rebirth, or withering away on life-support.It has been a very interesting three years, Lars Ulrich begins with atypical understatement. A very different three years for us. Difficult. Awkward. It's been a ride that's taken us to places inside ourselves, inside the band, inside the potential of human beings and the music and everything else that we could not imagine existed. But if you asked me then, I would say for the first time in my life with Metallica, I was starting to prepare myself that maybe the ride was over.If it sounds like the tenets of a Herculean struggle, who else but Metallica to apply for the job. The result of the 'ride' Lars refers to can indeed be found in the sweat and blood and grooves of St. Anger. From the album's crushing title song and its burnished heaps of magnified guitar and drums, to the colossal time and tempo changes of Frantic, to the chugging slabs and staccato exchanges of the exalting confessional My World, Metallica has once again, in the boldest strokes imaginable, made music its most viable currency.The three bandmembers, who gingerly refer to themselves as brothers and mean it emerged from the other side of their journey with their musical compass intact. St. Anger is an album that invariably will draw comparisons to their best work, to Metallica's halcyon days, most notably their classic 1983 opus Kill 'Em All, and 1986's Master Of Puppets. Monumental in scope, the new album also recalls by its sheer willfulness the group's 15 million selling masterpiece known as the Black Album. But this is clearly a work that couldn't have been made twenty years ago. Not even a decade ago, though it fits the Metallica canon like a glove.According to producer Rock (the Black album was his first collaboration with Metallica) St. Anger completes the circular creative cycle that only the greatest artists are able to sustain. It's been my experience that only the big artists know how to achieve a goal in their career, like Metallica did with the Black album. Fewer still could have gone through what they experienced with all their personal journeys, throw away the rulebook and try and capture the soul and truth of Metallica again. I think the real vision was to almost take them back to where they were first getting together when three or four guys get together and say: 'this is the kind of music we like, let's write some songs.'For James, whose own personal quest may have been the tipping point for Metallica's inspirational sea change, the album was an important step in their evolution not just as bandmembers, but also as friends. The early days of Metallica were about brotherhood, just survival mode, relying on each other and stuff. As the machine got bigger, you tend to forget about the friendship part and start worrying about where the machine is going. You get a little more protective, a little more isolated. Certain factors ignited the need to look inward again and just get to be friends. Now we're stronger than ever because we know what we're doing and we have experience on our side too.Part of the familial equation the group had to deal with was the departure of Newsted and the search for a new bassist. Enter Rob Trujillo. A former member of Suicidal Tendencies and one of the masterminds behind the ྖ's cult band Infectious Grooves, the accomplished bassist has also played with none other than Ozzy Osbourne.All three bandmembers immediately hit it off with the respected Trujillo, and the hole in Metallica's musical armor was filled. Trujillo came aboard too late to appear on St. Anger. The band members did not seem to be in any rush to hire a bass player. Bob Rock, in addition to being the co-producer and co-songwriter on St. Anger, was considered the 4th member of the band. Bob even filled in (quite masterfully) at a few live events with the guys. But, as Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett says, Trujillo's chemistry with the band is undeniable. From the first rehearsal Rob was just mind blowing, because he had such a huge sound and he pulled with his fingers which is very reminiscent of Cliff Burton and we really liked that sound. He delivered on all fronts. He had a big sound and on top of that he's really a great, solid guy. Adds James: He pounds. The power that comes through his fingers. He's a ball of energy and he's so calm and able and balanced. He's got great stuff to offer but his personality is just right. He's on fire, he's ready, he's plugged right into the strength of Metallica and helping it shine.Another aspect of Metallica's rejuvenated approach on this album was for Hammett to join in on the lyric writing, territory previously exclusive to only James and Lars. At first I was like I don't want anything to do with this, this is James' job. But Bob was very adamant. I looked at James and I said 'Well, how do I do this?' James said 'stream of consciousness.' I would scribble down some lines and James would single out the good ones. It was a great experience and I think it's all in line with the theme of the album, if there is an underlying theme, which is just being true to yourself and how important that is to the overall picture.Which leads to what is sure to be another topic of discussion among Metallica-watchers when pouring over the epic arrangements and knife-edged nuances of St. Anger. For a band that is in the throes of introspection, and in a larger sense, collective healing, they sure have laid down some motherfucking aggressive music. For hardcore fans who patiently waded through their all-covers release, 1998's Garage Inc., a spry homage to the songs that shaped their early career, and the symphonic wanderlust of S&M, a stirring experiment that showcased Metallica with noted producer/writer/arranger Michael Kamen and the San Francisco Symphony, St. Anger is a thirst-quencher. But one that offers nothing but fire this time around.Lars says there was no conscious effort to make this album louder or longer. I think the great thing about Metallica is that we can pretty much chart where we want to chart. Playing other people's material (like on Garage Inc.) was something we talked about for years. It was the music the band was basically founded on. With the Symphony stuff we got a call from Michael Kamen who wanted to do it and the band was excited by the challenge something Metallica has always embraced. But now that we are back playing the stuff that people think is the purest, it is the most natural, it is the most effortless. The other thing I think we're challenging here is that most people have the perception that in order for things to be really, really, energetic that they can only come from negative energy. Metallica was fueled by negative energy for twenty years. Now we've spent a lot of times working on ourselves and on our relationships and we've turned that around. Now Metallica is fueled by positive energy that has manifested itself so it sounds like the album we've made.Case in point: Some Kind Of Monster, with its bristling, time-bomb refrain, and yet, underneath, a hint of affirmation: 'this is the voice of silence no more.' You begin to understand the complex dynamics required for a world-renowned construct like Metallica to be even able to conceive of an intensely personal triumph like St. Anger. For James, the process obviously begins in a much quieter place than a recording studio. It comes from us realizing the world doesn't revolve around Metallica. For me it began with 'my name is James Hetfield.' St. Anger means to me that now that we've found our serenity we're capable of making this monster of an album going full-throttle all the time. Anger is an energy. It's a feeling. It's gotten a bad reputation but it's what you do with it after that gives it its reputation. I could squeeze out sideways with rage and stuff the shit down, yet it can be such a source of strength. Metallica has always been about invading places where we don't belong. We just took down the barbed-wire, that's all.