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I Am Your Violin

Memphis May Fire
Memphis May Fire To Hit The Road With Alesana
October 19, 2009
Dallas, TX rockers, Memphis May Fire, refuse to slow down as they continue to criss-cross the country and spread the word about their debut full length CD 'Sleepwalking', produced by Casey Bates (Chiodos, A Skylit Drive) out now on Trustkill Records.

Memphis May Fire will hit the road with Alesana for a string of year end dates kicking off on November 11. A Confirmed list of dates is available below.

Look for the first video from 'Sleepwalking' for the track "North Atlantic Vs North Carolina" directed by Scott Hansen (A Day To Remember, A Skylit Drive, Willie Nelson, Alesana, Bury Your Dead, Carnifex) exclusively at

Memphis May Fire
w/ Alesana:
11/27 - The 7 Venue - Douglasville, GA
11/28 - The High Ground - Metairie, LA
11/29 - Emo’s - Austin, TX
12/01 - Jake’s - Lubbock, TX
12/02 - Chic’s - El Paso, TX
12/03 - The Rock - Tucson, AZ
12/04 - The Glass House - Pomona, CA
12/05 - The Borderline - Thousand Oaks, CA
12/06 - Downtown Brewing Company - San Luis Obispo, CA
12/07 - The Avalon - Santa Clara, CA
12/08 - Empire Theater - Stockton, CA
12/09 - The Crossing - Palmdale, CA
12/10 - Karma - Victorville, CA
12/11 - 702 Skate Park - Las Vegas, NV
12/12 - Mesa Theater - Grand Junction, CO
12/13 - The Aggie - Fort Collins, CO
12/14 - The Black Sheep - Colorado Springs, CO
12/15 - The Oz Café - Wichita, KS
12/16 - The Village - Little Rock, AK
12/18 - Central City Skate - Macon, GA
12/19 - Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC

For more information on Memphis May Fire, visit, and be sure to follow the band at
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Memphis May Fire Set To Release Debut On Trustkill
May 13, 2009
The debut album, 'Sleepwalking', from Memphis May Fire will be available everywhere July 21, 2009! The Dallas boys wrapped up in the studio with producer Casey Bates (Chiodos, A Skylit Drive) and are ready to hit the road. Stay tuned for tour announcements.

Singer Matt Mullins checked in from the studio to say, "'Sleepwalking' is a new breed of rock n' roll. We wanted to have an honest lyrical message but also tell people that there is still hope in this crazy world, and that there is more than just the here and now. Our fans will notice that music-wise, it's much more aggressive guitar work and noticeably more melodic, but still retains that southern swagger. We are very proud of this record and we are sure both old and new fans will love it."

'Sleepwalking' final track listing:
01. North Atlantic VS North Carolina
02. A Giant In a Giants World
03. Your Lucky Its Not 1692
04. Ghost In The Mirror
05. Been There, Done that
06. Quantity Is Their Quality
07. Sleepwalking
08. Destiny For The Willing
09. The Face With No Name
10. Speak Now I'm Listening

For more info on Memphis May Fire, visit
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Trustkill Announces 5 New Releases To Kick Off 2009
December 11, 2008
As we wrap up 2008, Trustkill Records shows no sign of slowing down as the label heads into 2009 with the following 5 new releases:

1. Too Pure To Die - 'Confess' - January 13, 2009
'Confess' is a blistering, battering ram of a album from Too Pure To Die, Co-produced by hardcore legends Zeuss (Throwdown, Shadows Fall) and Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta.

Thanks to their DIY efforts this band has already created a huge underground buzz and reputation for making real time music that goes the distance, deemed by Alternative Press Magazine as one of the “bands to watch in 2008.”

For more info on Too Pure To Die, visit

2. It Dies Today - 'Lividity' - February 17, 2009
In true DIY spirit, It Dies Today is holed up in their self built home studio in Buffalo recording, self-producing, and mixing their upcoming release for Trustkill Records.

“We've actually built a studio in the house that Mike Hatalak (our guitar player, engineer and main writer) and I live in together. It has given us an amazing dynamic to work with for this record. We have limitless resources as well as a phenomenal amount of freedom. It's one of those things as a musician you grow up always wanting to have available in your living situation. A place to record whenever you have an idea or whenever you feel creatively superb, We've never been in a more comfortable or creative atmosphere in our lives!" Says singer Jason Wood.

Born, bred and proud to be among the Buffalo, NY hardcore scene, It Dies Today formed in 2001. On their formation, most band members were only 16 years old, and although now only in their early 20’s this is a band who has already accomplished more than bands twice their age and they are only getting started.

For more info on It Dies Today, visit

3. Most Precious Blood - 'Do Not Resuscitate' - March 2009
After years of non-stop touring, New York hardcore activists Most Precious Blood have been busy writing and recording their 4th release. The band is now finishing up tracking with Dean Baltulonis at Atomic Recording Company (Sick Of It All, Pain It Black).

Guitarist Justin Brannan said, "The new record is 1 part systems overload, 1 part Tragedy and 1 part funeral for a Mexican bullfighter. We didn't listen to anything recorded after 1995 while recording this thing. We didn't set out to do anything but we wound up writing and recording a record that's a giant fuck you to just about everyone involved in underground music today. We stripped it down, covered it in bleach and set it on fire. We employed a scorched earth policy which involved destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from the area or scene. We may do some shows or tour to promote this record, we may not. We have not broken up, and we never will. We're doing what we want to do completely untethered to anyone or anything or any obligations or allegiance save for the 5 of us and maybe Geoff Silverman. We are unplugging the machine and letting it cool off. Let everyone else run around in circles for a while. We're buying run flats. That said, I think people who've supported us in the past we will enjoy this record. We stripped it all down and just left the engine."

For more info on Most Precious Blood, visit

4. First Blood - 'Silence Is Betrayal' - March 2009
The Bay Area band will hit the studio in January/February of 2008 to record their follow-up album with producer Zach Ohren (All Shall Perish). Expect the crushing hardcore/metal you have come to love from First Blood, with more lyrics that will question everything around you.

Singer Carl Schwartz said, "Thankfully there hasn't been a shortage of stuff in the world to be pissed-off about, so this upcoming album will be nothing short of brutal - and quite possibly the most critical, condemning, and controversial material we will ever release. For fans of First Blood - Yes, this album will be every bit as heavy and crushing as the first, and then some. But the focus of this album resides in the message. There is simply too much going on in the world today to ignore, and if we are going to dedicate our time and lives to writing music and constantly touring the world while getting very little in return, then we might as well make it worth it and MAKE A F***ING STATEMENT. I find this world becoming increasingly hostile while the powers that be continue to undertake massive efforts to induce us all into passivity, conformity, and false sense of comfort. Well, life is not comfortable and it is our turn to stir the pot.

For more info on First Blood, visit

5. Memphis May Fire - 'I Am Your Violin' - April 2009
Already deemed "Band To Watch For 2008" by Rock Sound magazine, these Dallas boys will hit the studio this April to record their debut full length. Behind the board will be producer Casey Bates, responsible for bringing you records from Chiodos, Pierce The Veil, The # 12 Looks Like You, and more.

Singer Chase Ryan checked in from the studio to say, "So far we're having a blast. We're out in the burbs of Seattle hanging out making some sweet ass new songs that we think will kinda catch everyone off guard. They are very reminiscent of the EP but have a new twist that is entirely their own. They arre much more complex and interesting songs, but still have that raw, almost southern sound to them; and in a way are more progressive and heavy. Recording with Casey is awesome. He's super chill and above all, wants us to be happy with the record. We are super excited to get these songs out asap, I'm sure you will dig em'!"

Get ready for Memphis May Fire's debut album in 2009!

For more info on Memphis May Fire, head on over to

And for constant updates, tour dates and more from Trustkill Records, be sure to visit
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Trustkill Records Free New Digital Summer Sampler
August 2, 2008
Trustkill is proud to bring you the 'Summer New Music Sampler', sponsored by Alternative Press Magazine! This is completely FREE, downloadable, and comes with printable artwork so you can create your own CD. You also get a FREE 2 issue trial subscription to Alternative Press Magazine. The Trustkill Summer Sampler is available at this location.

The CD is a virtual who's who of today’s scene making this a great collection of strong sounds in varying shades of metal, hardcore and rock, 12 tracks in all including a new and unreleased Bleeding Through song off their upcoming album, 'Declaration', due out everywhere September 30, 2008.

Sampler band list includes:

01. Bleeding Through - "Death Anxiety"
02. Walls Of Jericho - "II The Prey"
03. Crash Romeo - "Popular"
04. Stonerider - "Juice Man"
05. This Is Hell - "Infected"
06. City Sleeps - "Not An Angel"
07. Soldiers - "Damage Is Done"
08. Memphis May Fire - "History Of Mercia"
09. Too Pure To Die - "Bad Luck"
10. Sick City - "Turning Heads"
11. Throwdown - "Americana"
12. Bedlight For Blue Eyes - "Ms. Shapes"
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(4 news stories listed.)
Chase Ryan - Vocals
Kellen McGregor - Guitar
Jeremy Grisham - Drums
Ryan Bentley - Guitar
Austin Radford - Bass

TEXAS, enough sawed offs and death penalty law to keep you far enough away. Home of the line what happens in Texas stays in Texas, not Memphis May Firea few good men about to go far beyond the lone star state. I want you to meet a band that has enough BBQ, guts, and Van Halen riffs to throw on the grill. Chase Ryan, Kellen McGregor, Jeremy Grisham, Ryan Bentley, and Austin Radford are the players. With names like Chase and Austin did you think they were from New York? Thats what I thought In a scene of music where over saturation is an understatement, MMF makes the lions share look like a chainsaw massacre. The band has enough look to put Jesse McCartney to shameall the while enough musical grit and intensity to make Billy Gibbons beard look like an unnecessary gimmick. Talk about a band that has the potential to appeal to everybodythe girl screaming in the front row more than likely has a dad that will soon be screaming the words out his pickup truck window. Just in time for Van Halen to stop arguing and plan a nostalgia tourbest of friends Memphis May Fire are just starting their trek to the arenas.

Many are unfamiliar with the sheer amount of BIG bands to come out of Dallas, the bands hometown. Talk about an exploding scene right nowyou may have been unaware. Memphis May Fire started in December of 2006 with most of an EP written. They wanted to focus on music that suited them not just on the recording but mainly live. Its apparent that MMFs influences are both old and newno fear in imitating Bostons legendary guitar harmonies here In February of this year, the band solidified the name Memphis May Fire and although they wish they had a deep meaningful story behind the name, guess what? They dontsure sounds great though, right?

Out to redefine southern rockLynyrd Skynyrd doesnt apply here, these guys have the cool factor of ZZ Top and Underoath combined. With the self-released EP earlier this year, the word spread like wildfire? Kids caught on fast to the bands music, and inking a deal with legendary northeast label Trustkill Records only a few months later was another major step. Were a band that has worked hard both together and individually at becoming great musicians. Its taken years of practicingpersonally I like it that way because you can see the difference in our performance compared to a band that hasnt worked for very long, comments Jeremy from the band. In signing to Trustkill we can expect a proper EP release in stores by the end of 2007not a bad sequence of events to close off the year right? This is not to mention a full length record to come in 2008! Saddle up and dont mess with Texas, Memphis May Fire and Trustkill have something great in store for the current monotonous scene were all sick of I assure you, this is not a trendthis is real music.

Rarely does a band in todays climate have a live show that is 10 times their songs on the recordMemphis May Fire is that rarity. The band prides themselves on being able to make the live show more exciting in any way they can, and speaking of excitement Trustkill records president Josh Grabelle couldnt be more amped about the start of a long road. He comments, there is a lot of really exciting, young, dangerous music coming out of Texas right now, and Memphis May Fire are the cream of the crop. Not since Bullet For My Valentines Hand of Blood EP have we heard a more compelling set of songs for an EP, where absolutely EVERY song is bone-chillingly perfect, and timeless. These guys are on their way to something huge. Move over Motley Crue, welcome Memphis May Fire and although the average age in the band measures up to the state liquor laws, these guys have plenty of time to spread their fire, its only a matter of months before I can say I told you so looking forward to it -Lucas Keller