Machine Head
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Unto The Locust
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01. I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
I) Sangre Sani
II) I Am Hell
III) Ashes To The Sky
02. Be Still And Know
03. Locust
04. This Is The End
05. Darkness Within
06. Pearls Before The Swine
07. Who We Are
08. The Sentinel (Judas Priest cover) *
09. Witch Hunt (Rush cover) *
10. Darkness Within (Acoustic) *

* Bonus tracks

\"The Making Of Unto The Locust\" Documentary

Review by: Adam Weiss

To start out Iíd like to say that Machine Headís previous effort, The Blackening, is and will always be one of my favorite metal albums of all time. Even with the bar being set as high as it is, Unto The Locust did anything but disappoint me. This is not a ďThe Blackening 2.0Ē either, but definitely the next great step for the band. It seems like Machine Head really honed in on all their good elements, and wrote one of the most solid records Iíve heard in a long time using them. Songs are structured and well thought, every section serves its own purpose within each song. There are thrashy and fast riffs that will leave you speechless, grooves that will have you banging your head for days, and beautiful breaks to let you recuperate for the next pummeling section.

Robb Flynn and Phil Demmelís guitar work is as much interesting and jaw dropping as it is impeccably flawless. The rhythms compliment the leads and the leads compliment the rhythms. Throw the headbanging drums of Dave McClain and Adam Duceís bass into the mix, and you have one of the most solid metal lineups. There is no disconnect between the instruments either, they all feel like they were written to be played together as a complete band, not as individual instruments playing cool parts by themselves. Add the insane technicality and spot-on playing to the genius songwriting, and you have one of the best records you will hear this year guaranteed.

Every song on this album is great, but if I had to choose a standout song that highlights Machine Headís prowess, I would pick ďThis Is The End.Ē A slow and meddling acoustic guitar leads the track into a dark and almost sinister vibe, harmonized lead guitars proceeding with a fade in. Just after the acoustic/distorted builds up to its pinnacle, a most metal drum fill kicks off as a lead into the rest of the song which includes blisteringly fast shredding, heavy grooves, and one of the catchiest yet evilest vocal choruses of the album. The production is about as good as I would have expected from a well-enough-known metal act on a label such as Roadrunner, no complaints. 

BOTTOM LINE: The over-all impression I got from this album is that it is Machine Head at its finest hour; Unto The Locust is as epic and huge sounding as it can get, and leaves next to nothing to be desired. This is a must-have album for the casual metalhead and the die-hard fan. Machine Head went all in on this record and didnít look back.

RATING: 11/11

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