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Album Releases

Vol. 4
HOME TOWN: Helsinki, Finland
Tanja (vocals)
Sami (guitar)
Sauli (guitar)
Heavy (bass)
Jukka (drums)

High Energy, massive impact, tenderly bruising and gently entangling LULLACRY return with their siren song. Seductively demure Tanjaís voice adds mystery and passion to the Finnish quintetís heavy gothic rock. Exciting rock hooks pour out taking firm hold in your head and leaving their smoky essence imbued in your soul. Helsinki, Finland 1998: LULLACRY release their first album Sweet Desire on Heart, Trust and Respect Records, then moving to Spinefarm for their 2001 sophomore release, entitled Be My God. Century Media, enticed by the alluring strains, licensed the album and released it in parts of Continental Europe and North America, further expanding their growing worldwide fanbase. Promoted by a European tour supporting Edguy, performing live proved that their music and the band was stage ready. Due to differences then vocalist Tanya left LULLACRY replaced by the hypnotically beautiful and vocally dazzling Tanja. Crucify My Heart (2003) was called by Outburn the bandís best album to date having ďthe catchiest damn choruses imaginable.Ē LULLACRY then made their first North American appearance at 2003ís Milwaukee MetalFest. Once home they recorded 2004ís Fire Within EP and promptly returned to North America performing on a sold-out tour supporting Nightwish. Buoyed by the tours success the band jumped straight into recording Vol. 4 at Finlandís Astia Studio with Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Entwine) and Finnvox Studio (Sentenced, Theatre of Tragedy) with Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Stratovarius), who also mixed the album. Allow yourself to be drawn in by the bandís defined and impressive sense for passionately entertaining rock.