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My First Time
Look What I Did Sign With Modernist Movement
March 17, 2008
Producer, Brian Virtue (Jane's Addiction, Deftones, 30 Seconds To Mars) and industry veteran, Jean Lazarus, have launched a new label/partnership company, Modernist Movement. Modernist Movement has thrown out all of the rules from yesterday's music industry. Every artist will have their own partnership with the company and that partnership will have its own unique expectations of each other. Filling the void where the DIY band can get overwhelmed with how to make the next step and where signed artists get stuck with the conflicting agendas of the people they do business with. Modernist Movement shares in the artists concerns for their career in the greater long-term picture.

"Artist development is no longer available in this industry. Today's companies can only be concerned with music as a product and only in the current product at hand. Artists need to be able to experiment and find themselves. We want to give our artists this luxury. We don't want them to feel like every recording could end they're career. I want to give the artistic control back to artists. They are the ones with the vision; I just want to help them find it."
-Brian Virtue, Co-founder Modernist Movement

"With most corporate-distributed independent labels not being able to ship a significant number of discs to the few remaining stores, the old business model is just broken. This has driven these small vanity indies to take on the same old shortsighted flaws of the majors. A partnership like this both encourages musical creativity and is a stronger more financially viable model for all parties."
-Barry Donegan, singer Look What I Did

The first two releases from Modernist Movement will be Nashville based bands Look What I Did and Born Empty. Both releases are produced by Modernist Movement's own Brian Virtue. These releases will be available through all major digital outlets, the Modernist Movement online store, at artist's shows and at various specialty record stores around the country.

"With retailers drastically cutting their recorded music floor space, why go with a third party distributor only to be giving away a large portion of the profits? This money will end up with our artists. They will actually see real revenue from their music. I'm excited to have artists be able to make music a viable way to earn a living without compromising their visions. There are a lot of fans that still will give money to artists out there; they just want to know that the artist will see it. The public has learned how the industry accounting works and they don't want to pay $13.98 only to have $1.00 go towards the artist's debt. They would rather buy a shirt and know the money is going directly to the band"
-Brian Virtue, Co-founder Modernist Movement

"We want to work with true talent that is willing to put forth as much effort and energy as we are. There are no hidden agendas here, just the desire to get amazing music out to the masses and set up a new format for doing so that doesn't leave the artist broke(n) at the end of the day."
-Jean Lazarus, Co-founder Modernist Movement

Modernist Movement is currently excepting artist submissions. And is excited to build its current roster.

Artist submissions can be sent to:

Modernist Movement
PO Box 475
Hermitage, TN 37076
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Dates For The Summer Bummer Tour Are Finalized
July 3, 2006
Dates for the Summer Bummer Tour with Folly, Look What I Did, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and The Human Abstract have been finalized. Here is where the tour will be hitting up this summer:

7/11 Kernersville, NC - Creation Skatepark
7/12 Wilmington, NC - The Soapbox
7/13 Jacksonville, FL - The Imperial
7/14 Tampa, FL - 688 Skatepark
7/15 Miami, FL - T Bird Studios
7/16 Orlando, FL - Backbooth
7/17 Tallahassee, FL - Big Daddy's
7/18 New Orleans, LA - The High Ground
7/19 Houston, TX - Java Jazz
7/20 McAllen, TX - Nikki Rowe VFW
7/21 San Antonio, TX - The White Rabbit
7/22 Wichita Falls, TX - The One Six Nine
7/23 Tulsa, OK - Hive
7/24 Wichita, KS - Headway Skate Park
7/25 Colorado Springs, CO - The Black Sheep
7/26 El Paso, TX - Chic's Bar and Billiards
7/28 Victorville, CA - Trilogy Theater
7/29 Bakersfield, CA - The Backstage
7/30 Sacramento, CA - The Boardwalk
8/01 Los Angeles, CA - The Whiskey
8/03 Portland, OR - Rock and Roll Pizza
8/04 Seattle , WA - Studio Seven
8/05 Spokane, WA - Empyrean Coffehouse
8/06 Boise, ID - The Venue
8/07 Salt Lake City, UT - The Ritz Theater
8/09 Denver, CO - The Marquis Theater
8/10 Rapid City, SD - St. Joe's Pub
8/11 Moorhead, MN - All Star Bowl
8/12 Saint Paul, MN - Station 4
8/13 La crosse, WI - The Warehouse
8/15 Nashville, TN - The Muse
8/16 Shelby County, IN - Manufacturers Bldg
8/17 Roseville, MI - Myspace Internet Cafe
8/18 Grand Rapids, MI - The D.A.A.C
8/19 Carmel, IN - C.P.A.C.
8/20 Cleveland, OH - Peabodys
8/22 Toronto, ON - Kathedral
8/23 Peterborough, ON - Trasheteria
8/24 Hamilton, ON Canada - The Underground
8/26 Binghamton, NY - The Scoreboard
8/27 Middletown, NY - Molly McGuires
8/29 Wallingford, CT - Wallingford American Legion
8/31 Epping, NH - Epping American Legion
9/01 Kingston, PA - Backstage Enterprises
9/02 Montclair, NJ - Bloomfield Ave Cafe
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Unwrite What I Did
September 9, 2004
Look What I Did have posted a new track titled "Unwrite The Old Songs" online, you can download it here.
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Look What They Are Doing
August 6, 2004
Look What I Did have been hard at work writing and demo-ing new material for their forthcoming second album. The band looks to have the new album released in early 2005. In addition, the band has been putting together and filming footage for a DVD that will most likely be packaged with their new album.

In December, the band will embark on their first ever full U.S. tour, planned dates for the trek can be seen below. If you can help the band line up venues for their TBA dates, please email them at confirmeddates@msn.com. They are a band that is actually making original music, help them or die.

upcoming Look What I Did shows
08/30 West Hollywood, CA - Troubadour (w/ As Night Falls, Wires On Fire, Werewolf With Robot Hands)
08/10 Canoga Park, CA - Cobalt Cafe (w/ Lao Eandi)
08/18 Las Vegas, NV - Double Down Saloon (w/ FFI)
12/16 Los Angeles, CA - TBA
12/17 Las Vegas, NV - TBA
12/18 Phoenix, AZ - TBA
12/19 Amarillo, TX - TBA
12/20 Oklahoma City, OK - TBA
12/21 Memphis, TN - TBA
12/22 Jackson, TN - TBA
12/31 Nashville, TN - TBA (w/ Born Empty, Vaginal Christ)
01/01 Louisville, KY - TBA
01/02 Jefferson City, IO - TBA
01/03 Wichita, KS - TBA
01/04 Denver, CO - TBA
01/05 Salt Lake City, UT - TBA
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HOME TOWN: Nashville, TN
Barry Donegan (vocals)
Colby Shea (guitar)
Skeet Childress (guitar)
Chris Bradley (bass)
Miles McPhearson (drums)

It is traditional for bands to encapsulate the value of their commercial viability and marketing scheme into a concise biographical text. Since we are not yet signed to a label who could provide us with a person to intelligently draft one of these up for us, I, Barry Donegan, being the only person in the band who can read and write, begrudgingly have the dubious honor of trying to convince people to care about our band through words myself. Unfortunately, the burden of expounding the grand virtues of the experimental-post-hardcore-progressive-pop band I sing for, Look What I Did, in the third person, as if I were a casual observer chronicling the cuteness of it all, proved to be a bit hokier than I am comfortable with. And that really says something, because as you familiarize yourself with our band, you'll see that 'hokiness' isn't something we're afraid of. However, I felt it was just best to write this out in a straightforward, honest way. 'Look What I Did' is the only thing we know how to do. It is also all we want to do, and really, it is actually all we will do. It is a strange band, I must say. We have little concern for the traditional boundaries of what goes with what. It's hard to pin us down, but from the feedback from fans and reviewers alike we've gotten thus far, it would be safe to say that we come across musically like a post-hardcore/punk-metalcore band like Botch, were it at war with Jawbox and Queen, all under Mr. Bungle's rules of engagement. Our tone and lyrical direction is very satirical, much in the same way that the Dead Kennedys presented themselves, and our stage energy is every bit as dangerous and unpredictable as the Stooges. We are all in our early twenties, and although we have a deep appreciation and understanding of the great bands whose creativity we admire, we are always pushing to challenge ourselves and be as innovative as possible. In other words, while we all know and love the likes of Botch, Jawbox, Mr. Bungle, Queen, and The Dead Kennedys, we are not trying to be them or anything we are not. So far, we have recorded and released one record called "My First Time" independently. We are in the process of booking a lengthy winter tour for 2004/2005, and are recording demos right now for an album that we would like to record this spring. We are originally from Nashville, TN. Prior to the mass migration of the band to LA, we were very active in the punk/hardcore scene there. In Nashville, we accumlated a substantial draw, primarily through obsessive flyering and being hands on within the local scene. Since moving to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2004, we've repeated the process, becoming a decent club draw in a short few months, again, through hand billing. I invite you to ask anyone in the LA club scene about us. Whether it be Greg at the Troubador, or security at the Roxy, everyone knows us to be on the streets 6-7 nights per week and handing out in excess of 20,000 flyers per month. And we are not the only ones out spreading the good word. We currently have street team leaders in over 40 major markets ready to duplicate this all across the world with a street team of over 300 members total. Our team consists of: Chris Bradley, bass player and interim producer, who brings a lot of chord theory and an attention to the Jellyfish, XTC type of pop arrangement to the table. Miles McPherson (son of legendary Nashville studio axe man Jerry McPherson) on drums, who spent most of his youth on the road with pop/christian type acts, battling with the fact he'd rather be doing something more like this. Sometimes you can still find Miles doing some studio drumming for major label acts on the side for cash to make a van payment or pay in on merch. Colby Shea is one guitar player; he's a great player in the intangibles and attention to detail way, and is responsible, in many ways, for the denseness our sound is progressing towards. Aaron "Skeet" Childress plays the guitar too, bringing more attention to the Guided By Voices, Beatles school of songwriter arrangement, and is apt to tackle the faster more complex stuff that we do as well. I, Barry Donegan, am the singer. Unlike many of my underground contemporaries, I am very interested in the voice as an instrument, and spend most of my time obsessing on how to become the best vocalist I can be. Despite doing a lot of the more abrasive things, I consider it important to be able to sing with skill and accuracy. We are pacing for a long career with this band, we want to be able to tour 250 days a year and sell records; we are lifers and are fully aware that we cannot do anything else. Despite the fact that we are not the type of guys to date ourselves by grabbing the tailpipe on a carelessly careening trend, we are very comfortable with the fact that our music must be sold to ensure our existence. Playing music our way excites people. We hope that you enjoy it, and understand what we are trying to accomplish. Thank You, Barry Donegan