Little Yellow Box
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Album Releases

Et Cetera
HOME TOWN: Riverside, CT
Steven Carr (vocals)
Tyler Jontz (guitar)
Mike Horn (bass)
Ian Ingram (drums)

Little Yellow Box, a 4-piece indie rock group from Riverside, Connecticut, formed in late 2001. Over the course of 2 years, they have self-released 2 demos and have written a variety of songs which fall under the post-hardcore/emo genre but push traditional boundaries. They are described by as creating a "vital and strongly emotive sound that canít be contained." Their material breaks away from other traditional post-hardcore bands, incorporating elements of indie rock, funk, and prog rock. Little Yellow Box not only create music, but make art. Sonically taking the listener to the edge of chaos, vocalist Steven Carr will shift from a soft croon to a screeching wail, truly using his vocal chords as the bandís fourth instrument. Stevenís voice melds into and compliments the bandís explorations of tempo, feel and intensity. The rhythm section, comprised of bassist Mike Horn and drummer Ian Ingram, establishes a rock solid base. Integrating odd time signatures and complete control of the tempo, Horn and Ingram at times seem to shove you ahead at a driving pace and suddenly, on the stop of a dime, bring their musical universe into a slow groove. The guitar work of Ty Jontz goes through so many twists and turns, your head could spin right off of your neck. Rather than relying on typical pop structures, the band takes a cue from such bands as Yes, Shiner, and the Cancer Conspiracy in attempting new and interesting ways to construct their songs. Having twice previously toured the east coast and midwest, they plan on continuing to spread their music by relentlessly touring the US over the next year. Little Yellow Box has previously played with bands such as Coheed & Cambria, Finch, Brand New, Recover, My Chemical Romance, and Q and Not U. Their debut 5 song EP, ďEt Cetera,Ē is slated for a September 21, 2004 release on Negative Progression Records. With their more ambitious approach to song structures and sounds, this record will definitely make an impact on the thousands of people looking for more creativity and art in their music. The result is a 20 minute-plus EP that is well worth multiple listens.