Linea 77
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Ketchup Suicide CD

Venareal 1995 CD

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Available For Propaganda CD
Emo (vocals)
Nitto (vocals)
Tokyo (drums)
Dade (bass)
Chinaski (guitar)

There aren’t many bands in the world who can boast that they can get a cover of a national rock magazine - chosen over such greats as Limp Bizkit or The Deftones - quite possibly America’s two biggest rock acts ever... Linea 77 can. From their humble beginnings in 1993, Italy’s finest rock band to date, Linea 77 have steadfastly grown into quite possibly the new pioneers in rock music across Europe. it’s hard to believe this is the same band who started out as a covers band - playing Rage Against The Machine and punk leaders CCCP. But it was in those early days that Linea 77 built up a cult following playing local venues and squats in the burgeoning Italian hardcore scene, sometimes singing in their own language, sometimes incorporating American melodic influences. As they sounded like an amalgamation of influences rather than an easily definable replica of whatever was current at the time, they saw show by show, their crowds increasing. Indeed in the space of just one year Linea 77 had played in front of 4000 fans at one Italian festival. In July 1995 they recorded their first self financed demo Ogni Cosa Al Suo Posto which received rave reviews in the Italian press, resulting in all 500 copies selling out in a matter of months. With a change of guitarist, the band then went onto sign a deal with Dracma Records, which released Kung Fu, a collection of demo tracks and studio out takes. Again the band received critical acclaim and after two years moved on and signed to Milan’s indie label Collapse/White&Black, and released their first full length album Too Much Happiness... Makes Kids Paranoid in November 1998. An appearance on a Canadian compilation album - also features heavyweights Nomeansno and Voodoo glow Skulls followed, by which time LInea 77 had stamped their collective feet across their Italian homeland - clocking up more than 70 shows and in excess of 1,500 record sales. And it was this remarkable success of the band breaking out of the underground, that saw leading cult label Earache Records catch the band live and immediately ink a world-wide deal. Swiftly, Earache re-released “Too much Happiness ..’ on a global scale, remastered and repackaged in April 2000. Linea 77 joined Kill II This and Earthtone 9 on a 23 date tour of the UK and, together with Too Much Happiness ... earned the the band much critical acclaim, it became a hit in the offices of the UK press, while MTV’s Superock & Brand New shows played the video of the track “Meat” on heavy rotation. To start the new millennium, Linea 77 took their “happy-core” metal to a whole new level, with their scorchingly good second album Ketchup Suicide, produced by the renowned Dave Chang (Orange Goblin, Stamping Ground) - Ketchup Suicide not only features songs demonstrating Linea 77’s boundless energy and ability to write infectiously catchy songs, but also a cover of ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ - originally performed by 80’s all girl pop group the Bangles. Picked by Linea 77’s fans through an online poll. The band received airplay on BBC’s Radio One Rock show as well as XFM and Total Rock Radio. MTV Europe were also quick to pick up on the band too - with the video for the title track of the album receiving considerable airplay. To support the “Ketchup..” album they toured Europe, the UK with the likes of Lost Prophets supporting them and in August 2001 became the only Italian band ever to play the Reading & Leeds Festival and quickly became heroes & cover stars in Italy, mainly for what they achieved outside of their native country but also because kids there 'got' what it was Linea 77 were 'about'. What 'it’s' actually 'about' is a pretty free-form expression of rock music utilising various influences drawn from a wide spectrum creating - 'free' rock? The new album 'Numb', produced by ex-Senser man Haggis, ebbs and flows from Smashing Pumpkins-esque cute-rock on 'Alienation is the New Form of Zen' to full-blown brass section on 'Warhol' to big chorus winners like 'Third Moon.' The common thread is the eccentricity of Linea 77, leading to a sound that imitates neither the UK or US but sounds distinctive and identifiable. As happens with these things, what hindered the band in the early days is now the band's strongest point - where previously the band's slightly oddball nature seemed too hard to comprehend, now the fact that Linea 77 sounds like no-one else is their strongest point. The collaboration with Italian chart topping act Subsonica typifies the band's ambition and quirkiness all in one tune (66 ). Having regularly played sold out tours around Italy for the past two years, its obvious that Linea 77 are so confident in their own direction that concerns as to whether they are part of this trend or that scene seem largely to have passed them by. Therefore on 'Numb', the result is a band doing what it wants, influenced by anything they see as relevant, be it world issues such as war and economies or just TV, and producing a rock record that is as distinctive and as colourful as the Southern European culture from which it springs. It may not be London or LA, but the fact that Linea 77's inspiration comes untainted by preconceptions is now to their distinct and undeniable advantage. With 'Numb' set to propel Linea 77 into the charts in Italy, the next target is world domination. A string of European dates with like-minded European acts (One Minute Silence from the UK, and Watcha from France) in October will help spread the word, as will the fantastic video for 'Fantasma' which shows the band in a decidedly more mature, reflective state. Above all, Linea 77 are living proof that no amount of hype or 'flavour of the month' sensationalism can detract from genuine determination and sense of purpose. From humble hardcore origins, Linea 77 have kept the integrity they nutured in the early days, and that is something that simply can't be faked.