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Album Releases

Exhaustion, Salt Water, And Everything In Between
HOME TOWN: Westchester, CA
Jason Butler (vocals)
Ben Sharp (guitar)
Craig Sanchez (guitar)
Christian Johansen (bass)
Adam Castle (drums)

Energy? Check. Charisma? Check. Ability and creativity? Check. While most bands strive just to complete a checklist for mainstream success, there are still some bands that continuously challenge themselves into creating their own unique sound, an idea that only select groups in modern music have been able to conceive of and accomplish. Los Angeles based LetLive is successfully battling this feat, formulating a sound meshing elements of modern hardcore, emo and rock. With only a quick listen to their music, the listener can hear the smooth integration of music from this 5 piece lineup; vocals that grab your emotions with passionate screams yet keep you singing along with their melodic sequences; guitars showcasing catchy riffs that still allow for powerful rhythmic chunks; bass with the freedom to create separate melodies that seamlessly blend with the guitars; drums of technical anarchy yet aural peace. Bringing these unique musical elements together sets the stage for a band bound for longevity. The band's founding member Jason Butler (vocals) formed the building blocks for which this band has grown, in the summer of 1999 in Westchester, a suburb of Los Angeles. Over the years the band has gone through a series of musicians and changing musical influences. Their current line-up is un-deniably the most polished to date. Christian Johansen (bass) Ben Sharp (guitar), and Craig Sanchez (guitar), along with the most recent addition, Adam Castle, the one-time corner stone of explosive El Segundo hardcore act Fallen Angel (R.I.P.), create a style that can only be described as an exoneration from the banality of today’s post-hardcore influx. "Imagine taking all of your instruments and throwing them into one another," says Jason, speaking about one of their songs, "it's that type of absolute madness that the listener should get from this song." And this type of absolute madness is exactly what you should expect from the bands live show. The energy, anger, happiness and passion that radiates from their performance encourages any audience to become intimately involved in this experience. Through sing alongs, crowd interaction, and not a moment of standing still, their fans can be considered members of the band themselves. The band's debut LP, Exhaustion, Salt Water and Everything In Between, will be released on At One Records, in March of 2004. This enhanced CD will pack 8 songs, a music video, lyrics, and a link to their website. It’s been nearly 40 years now since a band (The Turtles) has emerged out of Westchester, CA. And although LetLive’s musical style cannot even be compared with their predecessors, their hard work, dedication, and talent will now take them to the next level in their musical careers, “so happy together”.