Leng Tche
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01. Wirehead Imbeciles
02. A.men
03. The Stockholm Malevolence Project
04. World State Abomination
05. Refined Torture
06. Misleading Innuendos
07. Obiter Dicta
08. Death's Head Cockroach
09. Totalitarian
10. Anthropocentric Suicide
11. Silence Is Better Than Unmeaning Words
12. Violence Does Even Justice
13. Corrosive Rotgut
14. Perfervid Odyssey

Leng Tch’e has always been one of those bands I’m on the fence about. I’ve known about them for years, but I’ve never really gotten into them. I listened to “The Process Of Elimination” in its time and gave “Marasmus” a shot but neither did it for me. However, with their fifth full length release “ Hypomanic” my opinion is poised to change. The album is definitely still Leng Tch’e but they just do everything on it perfectly. It’s heavy, it’s groovy, it’s a fucking sick deathgrind album.

“Hypomanic” begins with the leadoff track “Wirehead Imbeciles.” It is a good gauge of what the album has to offer: fast paced tempos with burgeoning groove throughout. Throughout the 14 tracks the album churns and melds into something remarkably heavy. There is a definite punk/grind structure that is offset by the mid range low vocals. This is the first full length release that features vocalist Serge Kasongo and it seems that he is able to add something new to the band. While not being categorically dynamic, his style fits perfectly, especially his low end growl. The album continues to flow with chugging blast beats and ravaging guitar, but it does have a few surprises. There are a few riffs that come out of left field and Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway also makes a guest appearance. “Hypomanic” is a relentless brute of an album.

The production on “Hypomanic” is raw but clear. Guitar tones shine while creating dark riffs, drums pound authentically and ceaselessly, and vocals ravage your ear drums.

BOTTOM LINE: Whether you regularly listen to grindcore or not, if you just plain like heavy music, “Hypomanic” will be right up your alley. The album is straightforward but not completely static. There are elements on this album that come from every aspect of heavy music. Leng Tch’e have created an album that exhibits fervent ferocity but still maintains a personality. “Hypomanic” is a unique listen that definitely should not be passed up.

RATING: 8/11

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