Last Perfection
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Drawing Conclusions
HOME TOWN: Long Island, NY

Last Perfection is a New York city/ Long Island based metal/hardcore band. With influences from Iron maiden to Burn, their sound is any thing but typical. They are consistently trying to break new ground by constantly evolving their sound. Born from the ashes of the now defunct Dead on Impact, they started playing shows in April of 2001. The line up included Chris (drums) Matt (bass) Josh (guitar) and Antonio (vocals). With Matt taking on guitar and a new bass player they were ready to record a demo. With a new demo and a powerful stage performance Last Perfection quickly developed a strong following. Playing shows all over the New York and New Jersey area they began to establish a reputation for a tight performance thus being able to draw a good sized crowd. All was going well until Antonio (vocals) and John (bass) announced they were no longer able to play with the band. Matt (guitar) Chris (drums) Josh (guitar) decided to keep writing new material for a C.D. / EP. With the addition of a new vocalist (James) and new Bassist (Sam) Last perfection was ready to record and start playing shows once again. eventually sam moved away to college, and dan (chris's cousin) took over the duties of playing bass. With a new line up and new sound last perfection recorded a CD in 2003 entitled "violent solutions for a violent world", and followed its release with a national tour. after the tour they faced lineup problems again, as Dan was forced to quit for personal reasons. December of 2003 brought them Paul Gesl (formerly of Dead to the World) to fill in on bass. Itís unclear whether his striking resemblance to Christopher Reeve or his bass playing ability is what secured him a spot in the Last Perfection lineup, as both are remarkable.