Last Call Chernobyl
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Drowning Beneath The Sound Of Change

HOME TOWN: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jason Szeto - Bass
Matthew Moulton - Guitar
Kyle Mahar - Vocals
Joshua Pellerine- Drums

A vibrant sound tinged with intricate melodies and elegant undertones Last Call Chernobyl creates a delicate and at the same time powerful style of music. With dynamic vocal range and progressive leads to their music Last Call Chernobyl is an intense sound with deep and complex subtleties found in their songs.

Formed in late 2007 Last Call Chernobyl has garnered itself international attention for their talent which culminated in 2009 when it was announced that they would be playing across North America on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. In March 2010 it was announced they would join the East Coast metal label Diminished Fifth Records, having joined Diminished fifth Records Last Call Chernobyl is now even more prepared to tackle the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. Last Call Chernobyl has shared the stage with the likes of Means, Orchid's Curse, We The Undersigned, LifeStory: Monologue, Shortline Hero and What's He Building in There?, along with countless other large acts.

Though many bands are lost in the currents of the modern music business, Last Call Chernobyl is as tenacious as it is hard working. With patience, perseverance and always the perfection of its musical craft Last Call Chernobyl is set to try and make its mark in the modern day music scene.