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Somewhere near the Swiss Alps, in the cozy metropolis of Geneva, there lies a disturbance in the wings. Just a short journey from Sweden, the thrash capital of the world, ("we're talking Celtic Frost here, not Entombed," as Knut so aptly point out) there is a much more unsettling type of noise being perpetuated by a team of four. Enter Knut, whose formation in the early part of 1994 ushered in a new standard for European hardcore. Fusing elements of metal and hardcore into a hellacious strain of nuanced aggression, Knut brought their finely tuned offensive to bear upon an unsuspecting public. Sawing off an array of seven-inch singles and a pair of full-length recordings via their own Snuff Recordings imprint, Knut soon became the Alpha Males of the European "hardcore scene." Roderic explains, "Geneva has a very vivid music scene, with all types of bands and places to play, only there's never been a lot of people involved in the independent structures the scene needs, which is why we decided to start our own label." In the last few years, Snuff has issued recordings from local heroes Shora, Brazen and Nostromo, helping to transmit their music across Europe. However, Knut's contributions go beyond the label; they also publish their own Evil music 'zine and help book shows for local and international artists in the city. After recording their second full-length Bastardiser in 1998 Knut released the record through their own Snuff Recordings (LP version was released on Chrome St. Magnus). Knut spent a busy summer sharing the stage with such luminaries as Voivod, Botch, and Neurosis at various festivals and live dates throughout the European Union. Like a machete fight in a diamond mine, Knut's live demonstrations set off a series of similar bloody uprisings in which many an innocent bystander learned an invaluable lesson about audio warfare and the components therein. A string of EU tour dates with Boston wrecking crew Converge brought Knut to the attention of Hydra Head Records. When Converge and Seattle HH correspondents Botch reported back to headquarters that Knut were in fact "the real deal," the Hydra Head autocrats deigned Bastardiser worthy of the distinguished HH stable. Accordingly, Hydra Head Industries then produced the domestic release of Knut's classic Bastardiser, shortly followed by this untitled CDEP in late 2001. About their association with Hydra Head and exposure to American audiences, Roderic remarked "As musicians, music lovers and people, it just feels great to collaborate with people like Aaron and Mark at Hydra Head. We definitely share the same perspectives on things in a wide sense, regardless of the distance between us, we're all about bastardising."