Know The Score
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All Time Low
Know The Score Set Title And Release Date For New Album
June 28, 2006
Know The Score have finished recording their album 'All Time Low' with producer Jonathan Nunez (Donnybrook), an October 10th release through Eulogy Recordings is planned for the album. The band will begin touring in support of the release in October, with full U.S. treks planned.
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HOME TOWN: West Palm Beach, FL
Pete215 (vocals)
x NICHOLAS x (guitar)
Jared (guitar)
Jose (bass)
Jeffy (drums)

Formed in 2003, Know the Score came together with the sole intention of bringing back a style of hardcore that was all but non-existent in Florida. By drawing on influences from old school bands such as Negative Approach, Sheer Terror, and Slapshot, Know the Score have crafted a sound built on a foundation of abrasive music and brutally honest lyrics. With their Eulogy Recordings debut full length CD tentatively set to be released this fall, Know the Score are ready to step up to the plate and deliver what should be one of the definitive hardcore releases of 2006.