Kissing Chaos
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Album Releases

Enter With A Bullet

Kissing Chaos started as a side project between members of the Austin, TX based band Pop.Unknown (Sessions Records). Upon the departure of the band's singer - and subsequent dissolution of the band - remaining members decided to turn the side project into their new full time band in the summer of 2002. Due to the well-deserved hype surrounding the band, the release of their debut CDep "Enter with a Bullet" has become one of the most highly anticipated of 2003. The Kissing Chaos sound is rooted in a number of diverse genres including metal, hardcore, punk rock, and new wave. Slayer, Metallica, Fugazi, Depeche Mode and Minor Threat are just a few of the bands its members can agree have influenced their sound over the years. Many have described the band's unique version of new wave metal rock as Quicksand meets The Cure. Lyrically, the band deals with subjects like depression, failed relationships, communication breakdown and societal evils. In its short life, Kissing Chaos has gained fame in their hometown of Austin - the live music capitol of the world and the city where everyone is in a band - and their popularity is quickly growing on both the east and west coasts. They've already played with bands like Hot Rod Circuit, Recover, Taking Back Sunday, Piebald, Midtown, Koufax and Brand New and a stint with Fearless Records' band Brazil in February surrounding the release of Kissing Chaos' debut CDep. Heavy touring plans throughout the U.S. and Europe are currently in the works as well.