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Album Releases

Nothing Less Nothing More
HOME TOWN: Greensboro, NC
Matt - Vocals
David - Guitar
Charles - Guitar
Peter - Drums
Josh - Bass

killwhitneydead have been banned from performing in almost every town in their home state of Arizona (Not really, but it sounded good 5 years ago). Constant troubles with various law enforcement agencies, has in turn resulted with some members actually serving jail time, hence the multiple delays of their debut release (Not really, but we needed an excuse as to why we never toured/played shows since we were only a studio that time). But, regardless of the many trials and tribulations, killwhitneydead has managed to remain focused and has put together one maniacal release in Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet. A frantic combination of grind-core, death metal and Slayer influenced dance floor hardcore (Kerry King solos included), which is then overlapped and intertwined with layers of samples, killwhitneydead pound out eleven tracks in just less than 15 minutes. To say that killwhitneydead push the boundaries is an understatement; they are prepared to annihilate everything and everyone standing in their way. killwhitneydead have arrived so let the mayhem begin. Violence never sounded so good!
Now amidst rumors and speculation as to whether they are even a "real band," killwhitneydead have unleashed their second album, Never Good Enough For You. Their debut, Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet , quickly established this Arizona band as a force to be reckoned with. Whether it was the unrelenting bombardment of grinding metalcore, the over abundant, but "tasteful" use of movie sound bytes or the brutally honest and violent lyrical subject matter, killwhitneydead held nothing back. Luckily, the same can be said about the 17 tracks that make up Never Good Enough For You. It is mayhem, plain and simple. The buzz surrounding killwhitneydead has been intensifying on simply a "word of mouth" basis. The fans have found something to identify with in regards to what this band has to say. killwhitneydead show absolutely no signs of dulling their intensity or reversing their forward momentum. killwhitneydead remain determined to push the bounds of what is "acceptable" and introduce the world to their brand of extremity.

It took just 10 months from the release of Never Good Enough For You, for killwhitneydead, the band that everyone loves to hate, to return with their third and most creative release. The album, So Pretty So Plastic , has more breakdowns, more grinding blast-beats, more bitchin' solos, more dirty ass rock-n-roll and of course even more sick and demented movie samples. Listeners have simply two choices: They either get killwhitneydead or they don't. There is no middle ground. killwhitneydead's credo is fairly simplistic; THEY HATE EVERYONE and with songs such as "The Age Old Dilemma Of Romance vs. Retribution," "Murder Nouveau (It's All The Rage)" and "Liars Like You Live The Shortest Lives (An Open Letter To Imposters)" you know exactly what to expect. Funny enough, the rumors are rampant that this band is a joke. We are here to let you know that killwhitneydead are no joke, as their true identities may be a mystery but they sure as hell aren't f*cking around. The release of Never Good Enough For You last year truly catapulted killwhitneydead into the forefront of the metal underground. Features ran in Terrorizer, Unrestrained and Deadtide as well as receiving a multitude of great album reviews (Including the #9 slot on TOP 10 METAL ALBUMS OF THE YEAR in Canada's premier EXCLAIM! Magazine & a plug in REVOLVER.). It appears as if the critics have finally caught on to what the fans have long since known about KWD.