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HOME TOWN: Ventura, CA
BJ (vocals)
Mike (vocals)
Beckett (guitar)
Adrian (guitar)
Dillon (bass)
Nick (drums)

And you ask, what makes Kerria different from any other band? All you need to do is just listen to their music and it will speak for itself, but what I like to say is their undying love for what they do and their unprecedented perseverance. Now and days itís not easy to stay a solid band let alone get anywhere with it. This band has been going at it since August of í04 and hasnít let up one bit since then, and doesnít plan to anytime soon. What makes this band most unique is the talent of each individual. Always playing countless shows and having a constantly growing fan base, Kerria have big plans for the future. After grabbing the attention and inking a deal with Mediaskare Records, they are currently writing and recording their first EP with long time musician and producer Johnny Santos, . As of right now Kerria are on their way to making this a living and they couldnít be more excited. The strongest part of Kerria is their core, which consists of countless fans. The band loves their fans as family and knows that without them they wouldnít be where they are now. This love has made tons of diehard fans that will always be by the side of Kerria. Of course what attracts the fans is the show. Kerria is known for putting on one of the most energetic and intense live shows around. They go all out and donít slack one tiny bit, which usually leaves the members with cuts, bruises and complete and utter exhaustion. This is what they live for and will continue to due so until the end. Kerria has already sparked the fire in many and hope to ignite the world with their music as they continue on their way.