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Album Releases

Set Sail The Prarie

Buy Our Intention Well Buy You A Unicorn

Did You Know People Can Fly?
Set Sail To Fly
December 30, 2005
Kaddisfly will be hitting the studio on March 1st to begin recording their new album, titled Set Sail The Prairie. The band plans to spend about a month working on the album, with a release through Hopeless Records planned shortly after.
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Flying Hope
July 17, 2004
Kaddisfly have signed with Hopeless Records. The band will hit the studio in October with producer Enoch Jensen (Barium)to record a new album. A release in early 2005 is expected for the as-of-yet titled album. I managed this band for what seems like a minute, they are an amazing band and great guys. Support them and good music by buying this shit when it comes out.
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HOME TOWN: Portland, OR
Chris Ruff (vocals)
Aaron Tollefson (guitar)
Kelsey Kuther (guitar)
Kile Brewer (bass)
Beau Kuther (drums)

An influential 20th century composer once posed a very troubling question: If music is dying, are musicians the ones who are killing it? Have these same musicians lost their natural intuition for creativity and vision in our vast sea of genre expectation, egocentric notoriety, and mainstream acceptance? Moments after the completion of their 2005 aural collage, it becomes apparent that the Oregon?s Kaddisfly has both struggled with this question, and emphatically reacted to its significance. Holding on to every sense of their artistic integrity, the band has consciously put its faith in one cyclical principal of the humanistic third dimension: Intelligent, engaging, and passionate art will forever remain an unwavering esoteric constant. From a linear perspective, the concept of Kaddisfly has traversed an enormous distance since its conception in a rural Eugene shanty at the turn of the Millennium. With the release of their 2001 EP ?Honorable Mention, 2002 EP ?Humania,? and their challengingly thematic, 2003 opus ?Did you Know People Can Fly,? the band, through incessant touring, broken hearts, financial collapse, and occasional emotional ruin has built an impenetrable underground reputation for emotional substance and creative mutation. Avoiding the music industry?s postmodern confines of prepackaged labels and transparent boxes, Kaddisfly have attempted to replace image with substance, novelty with focus, limitation with inspiration, and eyes with ears. Pulling together every lesson and mistake of the first three years, the independently produced and distributed ?Did you Know People Can Fly? would offer a brief snapshot of things to come. The audible balance sheet would propel the band on their fifth independent West Coast tour and invariably lead to a future courtship with their metaphorical Juliet, Hopeless Records. After over four years of searching through America?s nomadic middle earth, the native Oregonian?s finally found their lover, and so commenced their journey to alter humania and save humanity. Their first quest will be the release of their 2005 Hopeless Records debut, ?Buy Our Intention; We?ll Buy You a Unicorn.? An entity that will weave a sleek tapestry of sonic wallpaper for anyone with an open ear or mind, the sharply focused effort promises to offer the versatile, fearlessly thematic, and eclectic characterization of sound that is uniquely Kaddisfly. And so the earth will continue to rotate into 2005 and Kaddisfly will attempt to show that their perpetual search for influence goes far beyond any poem, short story, film or composition. With a self imposed and slightly pretentious muse of originality, the band has, once again, sought refuge in the intangible subtext of elemental existence- the sun, earth, sea, and soil. For the band, ?We are all of the same mind that if we are going to exist in this business, we will have to perpetually challenge ourselves, take risks, and never create the same record twice. The moment you grow static is the moment your music needs eyes.? As their Hopeless release will be leaps and bounds from any previous Kaddisfly session, the emphasis will move from ?Did You Know People Can Fly?? to ?The connection between Unicorns, gentle lovers, and the possibility of knowing that everything is going to be okay.? -Michael. Akira. Yoshida.