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Pills and Ammo
Joetown Emerges With Unapologetic Rock Debut Pills and Ammo
September 12, 2008
East Coast guitarist/frontman Joetown (aka Joe Delaney) has emerged with his debut solo album, "Pills and Ammo", which will be released through his own label Joetown Records. New tracks from the album are currently streaming online at

Joetown has been tearing up stages across the nation with his intense live show and earning fans with each sweaty, in-your-face performance. The group has earned praise from high profile players like Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash and been creating a deafening buzz from their jaw dropping live performances.

Hailing from Wallingford, Connecticut, Joetown has been riffing, rocking, and wailing for years. The energetic frontman has made a name for himself performing and recording with groups such as American Trash with Steve Broderick of Trans Siberian Orchestra and Kings of Reality, while producing both albums for critically acclaimed aggressive hard rockers Gargantua Soul.

Now Joetown has his sights firmly set on making a name for himself with his debut album, "Pills and Ammo". The album is unapologetic rock n' roll at its best and perfectly captures the buzz of Joetown's kick ass live show, as evidenced by such standout tracks as “Crash,” “Finger,” and “All My Angels.” And according to Joetown, it is the live show which sees the group (which features Joetown on vocals/guitar, Kerry Gollarney on guitar, Keefer on bass, and Mat Reale on drums) really taking it to the next level.

The band has also announced they will be giving away merchandise, guitar gear and promotional items for fans that join the Joetown street-team at Fans are encouraged to join the street-team to qualify.

Joetown will be heading out on the road in support of "Pills and Ammo" with a tour of the East Coast expected to be announced shortly.
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Joetown on vocals/guitar
Kerry Gollarney on guitar
Keefer on bass
Mat Reale on drums

On Joetown's Myspace site, it says that the group's music sounds like Bon Scott fronting Van Halen!!! And after hearing Joetown"s 2008 release, "Cocked and Loaded," there couldn't be a better description of what lies within.Featuring scratchy-yet-powerful, whiskey-soaked vocals that bring to mind the late great Bon and the over-the-top testosterone rock of early Van Halen, "Pills and Ammo" is sure to win over fans of both of these legendary artists.

Hailing from Wallingford, Connecticut, Joetown (who also goes by the name of Joe Delaney) started on the six-string at just eleven years old. The band Joetown was formed in 1997,
and released "Rock n' Roll Man" three years later, an album best described by one fan, who proclaimed, “This is what rock and roll is all about - dirty, mean and nasty!”

In addition to 'Archives' in 2007 and the re-release of "Rock n' Roll Man" with bonus tracks the same year, Joetown can be heard on the FX hit series The Shield. Bad Boy Brands claimed “People Who Rock” as the corporate theme song for their licensing group of lifestyle attire, eyewear, and beverages. Delaney was also featured with Jimi Bell on "It's So Easy: A Millennium Tribute to Guns N' Roses," the 2006 compilation on Versailles Records. Several Joetown videos have aired on VH1 and MTV, and the group"s latest release, "Pills and Ammo," was previewed with a track on the May 2008 Metal Edge CD sampler. In the same issue, Rock or Swim: Four Days on Vince Neil's Motley Cruise chronicled Joe"s onstage exploits with his clan of Hollywood allstars.

And it"s Joetown"s talents (producing, singing, playing guitar, and song writing) that have led to praise by some of heavy metal's most renowned names. “He"s a kick-ass guitarist!” endorses Velvet Revolver and former Guns N" Roses guitarist Slash, who also calls the earlier Joetown standout, “Go!”, a “Killer song.” Longtime W.A.S.P. bassist Mike Duda exclaims, “Delaney is the best! Now someone please get this guy on the road, so I can get him the fuck off my couch!” Maniac former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes - who recently jammed with Joetown onstage at Club Vodka – also offered his endorsement. “Joe"s the real deal.” And lastly, legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio more eloquently told Joe, “You"ve got the gift, my friend.”

As evidenced throughout "Pills and Ammo," Joetown – which sees guitarist Kerry Gollarney and bassist Keefer join Delaney – is ready to unleash some truly fierce hard rock. Recorded at Joetown Studios (in Wallingford), the album$marks a roaring blast into grittier territory. Fueled by bellowing ferocity and the full bar upstairs from the control room, the eleven tracks have the attitude of the first two albums, but with the hostility of a coarse, contemporary edge – especially such standouts as “Crash,” “Finger,” and “All My Angels,” among others.

Often considered one of rock"s best kept secrets, Joetown has had enough of hearing this so-called compliment," and aims to do everything in his power to shed this tag with "Pills
and Ammo." I"m tired of being called rock's best kept secret." With that said, I"m guilty of hibernating in the studio and being so consumed that I overlook too much of the business side of my career. I"ve assembled a great team of seasoned professionals that believe in the music, believe that I retain control of my art, and see their role and goal as making me a secret no more.” As evidenced by the raw and rocking "Pills and Ammo" it will be impossible to keep Joetown under
wraps much longer.