Jets To Brazil
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Perfecting Loneliness

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Blake Schwarzenbach (vocals/guitar/keyboards)
Brian Maryansky (guitar)
Jeremy Chatelain (bass)
Chris Daly (drums)

Being dubbed an all-star supergroup before you've even played a show is a burden that no band should have to carry. Fewer bands, however, have carried it better than the New York-based Jets to Brazil who have somehow managed to both shrug off the pressure with an indifferent sway and surpass the marks set by their alma maters. Practically formed by accident, Jets to Brazil came together when frontman Blake Schwarzenbach wound up in Brooklyn following the disappointing breakup of Jawbreaker and reconnected with a friend he met at the band's last show. That friend, Jeremy Chatelain, was in the middle of a dissolving band himself as Handsome - the group he fronted for two years - found themselves at the end of a winding path that no one could retrace. After months of four-tracking with drum machines, the duo asked Chris Daly - by then a free agent following the demise of Texas is the Reason - to join the group on drums. Daly christened the band Jets To Brazil, and following a five-song demo, the trio came to the Jade Tree stable in time to record Orange Rhyming Dictionary - a stunning introduction by anyone's standards. Though their debut album flexed residue from the band's distinct musical pasts, Four Cornered Night - the Jets' latest album for Jade Tree and first with former Van Pelt guitarist Brian Maryansky - ventures forward as the band's first truly collective work. Its no wonder then why the ghosts have been laid to rest and the band's spirit has managed to remain intact and unharmed by the initial speculation. It's not easy being a supergroup of epic proportions when you're a tight-knit group of regular guys who know how to write a great song.