I Wish We Were Robots
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HOME TOWN: Sacramento, CA
Kyle Gilbert - Vocals
Anthony Pellerin - Guitar
Chris Bishop - Bass
Ryan Frost - Guitar
Geoff Eckert - Drums

I Wish We Were Robots is a metal band from Sacramento California. The band was formed by Anthony Pellerin (Guitars) and Geoff Eckert (Drums) from the band A Borrowed Life in January 2009 as a side project. Excited with what they were doing they brought in Ryan Frost (Guitar and B Vox) and Chris Bishop (Bass) from the band So Called Tragedy. Kyle Gilbert from the band Omnidemnic stepped in on lead vocals to complete the line up in February 2009.

In April 2009 the band released their first EP and has begun playing shows focusing on the west coast. "The idea is to start with small weekend mini-tours and begin to build a fan base. As more people become aware of the band we will start hitting the road longer and traveling further. "(Anthony Pellerin).

Their songs center around fast melodic hooks, brutal vocals and hardcore breakdowns with hooky choruses tossed in for taste on occasion. The band cites many varying influences from The Beatles to Meshuggah but should fit well with fans of As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Destroy the Runner and Bleeding Through.