Iron Thrones
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The Wretched Sun
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1. Like A Moth To Flame
2. Everflowing
3. Against The Grain
4. I Once Had The Crown
5. Forever Glowing
6. And The Sky Came Falling Down

There is no question that the way music is distributed and sold is changing. Few kids will shell out the cash for an actual cd with liner notes, but are perfectly content with a digital version. There are two ways to go about this as a band. Either fight it the entire way or accept it and learn to use it to your advantage. Iron Thrones has chose the latter and it has helped them earn praise and the opportunity to release an amazing new album: “The Wretched Sun.”

“The Wretched Sun” is really a perfect album. It takes everything good that the band created in their first release and expanded on it. There is more experimentation and they do not confine themselves to a certain style. Breakneck tremolos offset beautiful black metal riffs with a good amount of Opeth thrown in. There are also soft moments of slow buildups that complement the heavier parts perfectly. “The Wretched Sun” is shorter than their previous album “Visions Of Light,” but it works in their favor. The album’s six songs are more easily palatable to music fans not accustomed to this manner of metal. “The Wretched Sun” will appeal to a wider audience and hopefully help teach kids how to write songs properly.

Individual performances on this album are spectacular. Each person is able to be at the forefront yet still create a seamless whole. The drums are smooth, steady and sound amazing thanks to Will Putney. Bass supports the guitar while at the same time weaving his own memorable riffs. Guitar is the driving force on this record, and the soundscapes that come from within it are phenomenal. Vocals are the biggest change for Iron Thrones in my opinion. There is much more diversity with vocals this time around. There are their signature mid range screams, but they also have added low bellows and even a bit of clean singing. This change is definitely good, and I hope they continue to use them in the future.

BOTTOM LINE: “The Wretched Sun” is a very strong showing from Iron Thrones. Fans of melodic, heavy, droning, blackened, powerful music will all be impressed. There is real reaplayable value to this album and it should not be passed up. Anyone on the fence before will eagerly jump into this disc. I cannot wait to hear what these guys will come up with next.

RATING: 9/11

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