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And Hell Followed With Join Malus Clothing Portals Tour
September 16, 2010
And Hell Followed With will be taking their larger than life destructive sounds out on the road once again as part of the Malus Clothing Portals Tour. Joining them will be headliners, Arsonists Get All The Girls, along with Ion Dissonance, Within The Ruins, Destruction Of A Rose and Structures. The tour will run throughout North America from mid-October to late-November.

Malus Clothing Portals Tour
10/15 - The Vault - Temecula, CA
10/16 - Cobalt Cafe - Canoga, CA
10/17 - Soma - San Diego, CA
10/18 - Skrappy's - Tucson, AZ
10/19 - The Fusion Factory - Albequrque, NM
10/21 - White Rabbit - San Antonio, TX
10/22 - Shadowplay Lounge - Woodlands, TX
10/24 - Art Ambush Acoustic - Waco, TX
10/25 - High Ground - Metarie, LA
10/27 - Ground Control - West Palm Beach, FL
10/28 - The Brass Mug - Tampa, FL
10/29 - Gallery 13 - Columbus, GA
10/30 - Backdoor Skatepark - Greenville, NC
10/31 - Jaxx - W. Springfield, VA
11/01 - Eleanor Rigby's - Jermyn, PA
11/02 - Hangar 84 - Vineland, NJ
11/03 - The Dippy Dome - Howell, NJ
11/04 - Club Karma - Patchogue, NY
11/05 - BOGIES - Albany, NY
11/06 - Rocko's - Manchester, NH
11/07 - Waterfront Tavern - Holyoke, MA
11/08 - The Heirloom Art's Theatre - Danbury, CT
11/09 - Broadway Joe's - Buffalo, NY
11/10 - Frankie's - Toledo, OH
11/11 - The Modern Exchange - Southgate, MI
11/12 - Local Noise - Bartlett, IL
11/13 - Jefferson Community Center - Jefferson, SD
11/14 - The Space - St. Paul, MN
11/15 - Eagles Lounge - Wichita, KS
11/16 - Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom - Denver, CO
11/17 - The Venue - Boise, ID
11/18 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
11/20 - Club Retro - Orangevale, CA
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AGATG Prepare For Malus Clothing Tour
September 10, 2010
The always exciting and ever eclectic group Arsonists Get All The Girls are currently preparing to hit the road across North America once again as part of the Malus Clothing Presents "Portals" headlining touring package, which features Ion Dissonance, Within the Ruins, And Hell Followed With, Structures and Destruction of a Rose. Be sure to head over to now to view their complete tour itinerary.

(drums) further states: "We are happy to announce the Portals tour! This will be our second and last headlining tour in support of our album 'Portals', in which we will play songs off all three albums and also some songs we have never had a chance to play live. Joining us will be Ion Dissonance, Within the Ruins, And Hell Followed With, Structures and Destruction of a Rose, all of whom are hard working bands who have something special to bring to the table. After our headliner we are going to lock ourselves once again in a practice spot and create our next collective effort. We are pushing the boundaries with this next album and are not going to limit our creativity. Balls to the wall.

"Also for those of you have been wondering when we are putting out a new album. We have begun the writing process and already have about three rough songs and a million crazy ideas. This album is going to be our hardest hitting yet! Expect it to be out on Century Media sometime next year."

Malus Clothing Tour
10/15/10 - Temacula, California @ The Vault
10/16/10 - Canoga Park, California @ San Diego, California
10/17/10 - San Diego, California @ Soma
10/18/10 - Tucson, Arizona @ Skrappys
10/19/10 - Albuquerque, New Mexico @ The Fusion Factory
10/20/10 - TBA
10/21/10 - San Antonio, Texas @ White Rabbit
10/22/10 - The Woodlands, Texas @ Shadowplay Lounge
10/23/10 - OFF DATE
10/24/10 - Waco, Texas @ Art Ambush
10/25/10 - Metairie, Louisiana @ The High Ground
10/26/10 - TBA
10/27/10 - West Palm Beach, Florida @ Ground Control
10/28/10 - Tampa, Florida @ The Brass Mug
10/29/10 - Columbus, Georgia @ Gallery 13
10/30/10 - Greenville, North Carolina @ Backdoor Skatepark
10/31/10 - Springfield, Virginia @ Jaxx
11/01/10 - Jermyn, Pennsylvania @ Eleanor Rigby's
11/02/10 - Vineland, New Jersey Hanger 84
11/03/10 - Howell, New Jersey @ The Dippy Dome
11/04/10 - Patchogue, New York @ Club Karma
11/05/10 - Albany, New York @ Bogie's
11/06/10 - Manchester, New Hampshire @ Rocko's
11/07/10 - Holyoke, Massachusetts @ Waterfront Tavern
11/08/10 - Danbury, Connecticut @ Heirloom Arts Theatre
11/09/10 - Buffalo, New York @ Broadway Joe's
11/10/10 - Toledo, Ohio @ Frankie's
11/11/10 - Southgate, Michigan @ The Modern Exchange
11/12/10 - Burtett, Illinois @ Local Noise
11/13/10 - Jefferson, South Dakota @ Jefferson Community Center
11/14/10 - St. Paul, Minnesota @ The Space
11/15/10 - Wichita, Kansas @ Eagles Lodge
11/16/10 - Denver, Colorado @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
11/17/10 - Boise, Idaho @ The Venue
11/18/10 - Seattle, Washington @ Studio Seven
11/19/10 - TBA
11/20/10 - Orangevale, California @ Club Retro
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Ion Dissonance Post New Track Online
August 17, 2010
Montreal extreme metal purists, Ion Dissonance, have posted a vicious new song, "The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same," from their highly anticipated debut Century Media release, 'Cursed'. The track can be streamed at their Myspace page, and stay tuned for a North American touring announcement to be made very soon.
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Ion Dissonance Debut New Track
July 7, 2010
Montreal extreme metal purists, Ion Dissonance, have released the first song, "After Everything That's Happened, What Did You Expect," from their forthcoming debut Century Media release, 'Cursed'. The track can be streamed at their Myspace page, Youtube, or just stream it below.

'Cursed', was tracked at .357 Productions with Ion Dissonance guitar player, Antoine Lussier at the production helm. It is scheduled for release on August 24th.
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Ion Dissonance Announce Track Listing For 'Cursed'
June 29, 2010
Montreal extreme metal purists, Ion Dissonance, recently completed the recording process for their much anticipated new effort, 'Cursed', which is set for an August 24th North American release. The offering was tracked at .357 Productions with Ion Dissonance guitar player, Antoine Lussier at the production helm. Stay tuned to for a sneak peek into a new track and touring schedule. The album's official track listing can be viewed below.

A new video trailer unveiling the captivating artwork from the acclaimed Paul Romano (Mastodon, The Red Chord) can be seen now at this location.

'Cursed' Track Listing:
1. Cursed
2. You People Are Messed Up
3. The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same
4. This is The Last Time I Repeat Myself
5. No Care Ever
6. After Everything That's Happened, What Did You Expect
7. We Like to Call This One...Fuck Off
8. Can Someone Please Explain This to Me?
9. Disaster in Sight
10. This is Considered Mere Formality
11. This Feels Like The E...
12. They'll Never Know

13. Pallor *iTunes bonus track*
14. After Everything That's Happened, What Did You Expect (Big Chocolate remix) **Japanese bonus track, out on Doom Patrol Records 8/24**
15. You People Are Messed Up (Big Chocolate remix) ***European bonus track, out on Basick Records 8/23***
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Kevin McCaughey - Vocals
Antoine Lussier - Guitar
Sebastien Chaput - Guitar
Xavier St-Laurent - Bass
JF Richard - Drums

Picture yourself being the sole survivor of a terrible train wreck, numb and disoriented, lost in the middle of this chaotic mess of scorched machinery, of blood & burning flesh… and the only thing that you can actually recall from the whole incident; is the music of a hundred voices screaming in unison. That's about what Canadian's metalcore newcomers "Ion Dissonance" so flawlessly achieved with their debut album, boldly entitled; "Breathing is Irrelevant". Constantly compared as no less than equal to such gigantic metal/mathcore acts as "the Dillinger Escape Plan", "Gorguts" and "Meshuggah", Ion Dissonance are by far one of the most extreme, precise and immensely talented band out there. Combining with ease; insane technical riffs one over the other, grand canyon-styled grooves and a disturbingly heavy atmosphere, Ion Dissonance are simply vicious in their premeditated auditory attack. Antoine (guitar) and Seb (guitar) formed ID sometime during late summer 2001 with the firm intention of creating something much more complex, efficient and daring than anything they've previously did within their past musical projects. JF (drums) joined shortly after, realizing the incredible potential of this newborn band and the interest that it would eventually generate. The aesthetic balance between sheer insanity and surgical technicality that was to be the particular sound of ID was slowly taking shape. Dedicated, focused and passionate individuals were needed to solder the loose knots, and not long after did long-time friends; Gabriel (vocals) and Seb Painchaud (ex-bassist) also joined the ranks in order to complete the band's first official line-up. A demo-cd entitled; ".357" was rapidly put together (in 2002) for promotional purposes only and has been widely distributed to various 'zines, labels and individuals in America. Both songs on this demo were also available to download via, and the reaction that it generated was quite immediate and came crushing like a sudden tidal wave. They soon had to choose within the different offers that they'd received, a decent and worthy label to release what was to be Ion Dissonance's first studio album and after careful consideration, they've decided to conclude a one album deal with Willowtip Records (and later on, a Licence deal was made with Visible Noise aka; Cacophonous Records (UK) for the European Territory). After a quick line-up change due to the dismissal of Seb Painchaud, who was later replaced by Miguel (bass), ID were finally up and ready to pummel absolutely everyone with their various stage appearances. And that they did, more than once, playing with many incredible acts such as; "the Dillinger Escape Plan", "Every Time I Die", "Daughters", "Misery Index", "The End", "The Black Dahlia Murder" and more. At the same time (during Mid-April 2003) they started the recording process for "Breathing is Irrelevant" with sound-engineer Yanick St-Amand (Neuraxis, Martyr, In Dying Days), and the album was completely done by June. It finally came out during October, and since its official release, "Breathing is Irrelevant" received tons of acclamations and extremely good reviews from a vast number of webzines and printed 'zines worldwide (notably; ID has been featured & interviewed in; Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer and Unrestrained!). Since the very beginning of Ion Dissonance, every goals set were reached with a meticulous haste and accuracy. 2004 will definitely be a busy year for them, as they've just come back from their very first US East Coast Tour (the whole month of January) with "Forever is Forgotten" which proved to be very successful tour indeed, again the crowd reaction has simply been amazing. Future plans for them are to tour and play live as much as it is humanly possible… They will be back on the road on April 3th to May 25th, touring Canada (east to west coast) with fellow Canadians "The End", followed by several dates in the US on their way to the "Maryland Death Metal Fest". Plus, ID is currently working on killer new material for an upcoming release… Remember kids, hearing Ion Dissonance for the first time feels like getting sucker-punched in the neck; there is no prior warning, it's painful and you feel utterly helpless. "Breathing is Irrelevant" is but a prelude of things worst to come…