Inevitable End
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The Severed Inception
Inevitable End Announce European Dates
May 15, 2009
Sweden’s deathgrinders, Inevitable End, has announced a number of European tour dates in support of their brand new album, 'The Severed Inception'. Inevitable End will kick-off this tour today, May 15th in the Netherlands and conclude it with a performance as part of the Neurotic Death Fest to be held in Tilburg on May 30th (complete festival details can be found here). A listing of confirmed tour dates and cities can be found below.

'The Severed Inception' saw its international release in March and is currently streaming in its entirety at this location.

Inevitable End Tour Dates:
5/15 - Amersfoort, Netherlands - De Kleder (w/ Miseration, Slechtvalk)
5/16 - Neckarsulm, Germany - Haus der Jugend (w/ Miseration, Circle Of Silence)
5/17 - Antwerp, Belgium - de Rots (w/ Miseration, Blood Drift)
5/20 - Liberec, Czech Rep. - Casta Club (w/ Miseration)
5/21 - Ostrava, Czech Rep. - Klub Prostor-Tancirna (w/ Miseration, Bad Face)
5/22 - Uster, Switzerland - Stadthofsaal (w/ Miseration)
5/30 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013 (Neurotic Deathfest)
5/31 - Venlo, Netherlands - Perron 55 (w/ Mumakil)

For more info on Inevitable End, visit, the band's official website at or the band's MySpace page at
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Inveitable End's 'The Severed Inception' Streaming Online
March 16, 2009
Swedish deathgrinders, Inevitable End's brand new full-length album, 'The Severed Inception', is currently streaming in its entirety at 'The Severed Inception' sees its North American release date this Tuesday, March 17th, followed by an international release on March 23rd.

Inevitable End will be performing two record release shows next weekend in their native Sweden in support of 'The Severed Inception'’s international release. The band has also been confirmed for the Neurotic Deathfest to be held in late May in The Netherlands. A listing of confirmed Inevitable End tour dates can be below with more to be announced soon.

Inevitable End Tour Dates:
3/20 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Henriksberg (Record release show)
3/21 - Linkoping, Sweden - Skylten (Record release show)
4/18 - Alingas, Sweden - Fabriken (w/ By Night, As You Drown, The Weakening)
5/30 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013 (Neurotic Deathfest)

More info on Inevitable End is available at, the band's Official website and the band's MySpace page at
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Inevitable End Announce Record Release Shows
February 12, 2009
Inevitable End have announced a handful of shows in their native Sweden in support of their forthcoming album, 'The Severed Inception'. These dates will include two record release shows, one in Gothenburg and another in Linköping. A listing of tour dates and cities can be found below with more to be announced soon.

Inevitable End will see the release of 'The Severed Inception' on March 17th in North America (March 23rd internationally). The band has recently posted two preview tracks, “Dreamsight Synopsis” and title-track “The Severed Inception”, online now via the Inevitable End Official MySpace page.

Inevitable End Tour Dates:
2/13 - Kungsbacka, Sweden - Ungdomshuset Alle
3/20 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Henriksberg (Record Release show)
3/21 - Linköping, Sweden - Skylten (Record Release show)

For more info on Inevitable End, visit,, and the official Inevitable End website at
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HOME TOWN: Jönkoping, Sweden
Andreas Gerdén - Vocals
Marcus Bertilsson - Guitars
Emil Westerdahl - Bass
Joakim Malmborg - Drums

INEVITABLE END is a metal act founded 2003 in Jönkoping, Sweden. Starting out highly influenced by the thrash genre they have gone through some good, developing processes to end up were they are today. Stably grounded in death metal they strive to give the sound of the genre a new face by mixing elements from several kinds of hard music. They most certainly are a live band delivering an intense, non-typical performance!

During the period of their EP's the band collected several promising reviews and made alot of noise in the underground scene. What's already past in the band's history includes visits to Norway, Finland, Czech Republic and Switzerland, additional to all the gigs played in their home-country Sweden.

After facing some line-up changes and a need to find more stimulation working together, the band moved their camp from Jönköping to Gothenburg.
With a more brutal sound in mind the most part of 2007 was spent in the rehearsal room creating what would be the “new” Inevitable End. This is already starting to pay off for the band: In 2008 INEVITABLE END signs a deal with RELAPSE RECORDS for the release of their up-coming debut album.