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Punctured Camera
July 9, 2004
InCamera vocalist/guitarist Nic Johnson recently suffered a mishap during surgery to remove his wisdom teeth. The surgeon accidentally punctured a hole in Johnson's sinus cavity, leaving him unable to talk. As a result, Johnson will be out of action for at least two months, causing the band to push back the release of their EP to September through Clockrock Records.
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HOME TOWN: Salt Lake City, UT
Nic (vocals/guitar)
Chris (vocals/guitar)
Peter (bass)
Brian (drums)

InCamera represents the design principles for creating effective music composition and a system that is based on these principles. The principles are drawn from cognitive psychological research which investigates a person's conceptual models of music and effective methods to visually and sonically communicate this information. Our system is inspired by earlier work in robotics on assembly planning and in visualization on automated presentation design. Our results demonstrate that it is possible to produce aesthetically pleasing composition for everyday objects.