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Death Domination
Impious Reveal Album Art, Release Date, Guest Appearance
August 30, 2009
Swedish death metallers Impious have revealed some info about their upcoming album, 'Death Domination'.

"'Death Domination'
will be out on November 24th in North America. We are also proud to present the cover artwork (see below), created by the talented Marcello Vasco. A new myspace design will be presented with the album release. A new song will be presented on Myspace on the 1st of September. More information on this will follow!

We recently added our long time friend Johan Lindstrand (One Man Army, ex-The Crown) to the 'Death Domination' mix. Johan contributed to the album by doing some vocals on the song, 'The Demand'. It's great to finally have Johan adding to our sound again for the first time in years! Johan is an amazing vocalist and he totally rip shit up on this track!”

Johan Lindstrand
has made the following statement on the new album 'Death Domination':

"I've known Impious since they first started back in '94. Both on a personal, friendly level as well as on a professional level. I played the drums on their first demo and now I do some guest vocals on their new album. Always a pleasure to do stuff with them and especially on this new one that I feel is their strongest one yet.

It's one hell of a speed ride with a lot of passion to it and I feel very honored that they asked me to join them on a song. They will do great with 'Death Domination'.”

For more info on Impious, visit, or head on over to
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Impious Issue Album Update, Reveal Album Title
August 4, 2009
Swedish death metallers, Impious, have chosen 'Death Domination' as the title for their new album. The record will be released this winter through Metal Blade Records!

“The title symbolizes how death rules over all and how man seeks religion as a feeble comfort against what will happen when death takes us. Without death, religion is powerless. And only in death will religion fill its purpose.

It was extremely important to us that the title would fit our new songs and artwork perfectly. We needed a short yet powerful title that would show just how confident we are about our new material. This album will by far be the most crushingly brutal album we've ever made and we believe this title says it all!

Drums and guitars are all recorded and Erik is right now finishing up the bass tracks. Meanwhile, Martin and Valle are finishing the lyrics for the album that Martin will begin recording in a couple of days.

Every step we take in the studio is being filmed and there will be some clips added to our Myspace within the next month!”

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Impious Issue Recording Update
June 20, 2009
Impious are back in the studio recording their new album due out later this year on Metal Blade. The band had the following to say about the process thus far:

”We've finally started to record our new album! Things are going really good right now. Usually we get all kinds of problems when we record. Anything from broken soundboards to ghost attacks are regular to us. But this time everything's been great so far. But you never know…

We've been working on our new songs for a pretty long time and now we are very happy with how they all sound. We can't wait for this album to be done. The drum tracks are all done and we've started working on the guitars. We are working on 12 songs, but every song might not end up on the album. We might save a song or two for b-sides or for other releases.

We will add some pictures from the recording as it progresses and we'll try to update you guys as often as we can. Cheers!”

For more information on Impious, visit the band's Official Myspace page at, or head on over to the Official website at
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HOME TOWN: Trollhättan, Sweden
Martin Åkesson - Vocals
Robin Sörqvist - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Valle Adzic - Guitar
Erik Peterson - Bass
Mikke Norén  - Drums

IMPIOUS was formed in 1994 by Valle Adzic and Martin Åkesson. Later that year Robin Sörqvist joined the band. After releasing two demos with session drummers, IMPIOUS finally found Ulf Johansson, their first permanent drummer. The band recorded another demo in 1997 which resulted in a deal with Black Sun Records. The band released two albums on Black Sun and did a short tour of Holland and Belgium. A couple of years later the contract was fulfilled and the band signed a deal with Dutch label Hammerheart Records. With a new line-up, IMPIOUS recorded and released the album “The Killer” and the MCD “The Deathsquad” on Hammerheart. That’s when things started to happen for real. IMPIOUS toured Europe with NECROPHOBIC and SATARIEL and proved to be an extremely powerful live act. One of the shows basically led to a contract offer from Metal Blade Records.

Damn right, IMPIOUS signed with Metal Blade and released the album “Hellucinate” in 2004 which lead to two European tours with AMON AMARTH, several festival appearances in Europe and Japan, and one Japanese tour with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

In the autumn of 2006 the band recorded “Holy Murder Masquerade” at Studio Deadline, which is owned by band member Valle Adzic. It’s been a while since the last album… but IMPIOUS are back stronger and more powerful than ever!!!