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LoveHateHero Post New Song "Echoes" Online
June 2, 2009
Los Angeles based screamo rockers, LoveHateHero, has posted a new song “Echoes” on their Myspace page. The song is taken from their upcoming album, 'Fight or Flight', which the band recorded with platinum selling pop/rock producers Daniel James and Leah Haywood at Dreamlab Productions.

The song is the first single posted from the album and acts as a smooth transition from the heaviness and soaring riffs of their last album, 'White Lies', and the polished guitar lines and clean vocal melodies of 'Fight or Flight'.

To listen to “Echoes”, get updates on the forthcoming album, or to find information on the band’s tour dates with I Am Ghost and dates on the Warped Tour, please visit http://www.myspace.com/lovehatehero.
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I Am Ghost Debuts Video Online, Announces Tour
January 21, 2009
Orange County based goth-punk outfit I Am Ghost have debuted their new video the video for “The Saddest Story Never Told” online at www.vampirefreaks.com/playvideo/?v=89679. The group has also announced they will embark on the So Pretty Dead tour alongside Lower Definition and Driver Side Impact, from February 12th through March 14th.

"We knew this song was special the second it was laid out in the rehearsal studio, and to this day still gives me goose bumps when we play it live. It's a extremely tragic tale of two lovers who are murdered together, but come back several years later reincarnated and find each other once again. It's the ultimate love story," says I Am Ghost frontman Steve Juliano.

I Am Ghost recently released their sophomore album, Those We Leave Behind, on Epitaph Records. The album captures the group’s unique mixture of dark, brooding rock, metallic riffs and soaring melodic choruses to bridge the gap between punk and melodic hard rock. Those We Leave Behind builds on the deafening buzz created by their debut album Lovers' Requiem, and the band’s show stealing live performances, which saw them take the stage alongside Aiden, Escape the Fate, Eyes Set to Kill and as part of the Vans Warped Tour.

Initial dates for I Am Ghost’s So Pretty Dead tour with Lower Definition and Driver Side Impact have been announced, with many more coming shortly.


Feb 04 2009 Long Beach, CA @ diPiazza’s w/ Uh Oh Explosion and Eudora
(Lower Definition and Driver Side Impact will not appear at this show.)

Feb 12 2009 Fresno, CA @ The Exit
Feb 13 2009 Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry’s Pizza
Feb 14 2009 Modesto, CA @ Modesto Virtual
Feb 16 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
Feb 17 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
Feb 19 Iowa City, IA @ The Picador
Feb 22 Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel Club
Feb 26 South Hackensack, NJ @ School of Rock
Feb 27 Plains, PA @ Energy Nightclub
Feb 28 Vineland, NJ@ Hangar 84
Mar 03 Charleston, SC @ The Oasis
Mar 11 Rosemond, CA @ Moose Lodge
Mar 12 San Diego, CA @ SOMA
Mar 13 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
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I Am Ghost Reveals Video Shoot Details And Post New Material
October 17, 2008
Orange County based goth-punk outfit I Am Ghost have confirmed details for the band’s upcoming video shoot for the track “Saddest Story Never Told” from their recently released sophomore effort “Those We Leave Behind”. The video will be directed by Rafa Alcantara (Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, Disturbed) and will be shot on Oct. 18th, in Phoenix, AZ.

"we're super excited to get the chance to work with Rafa Alcantara on this new video," says I Am Ghost frontman Steve Juliano. "He came up with this sick montage of sad love stories that evolve throughout the video and it was the perfect concept for the song and will make for our best video yet."

After building a deafening buzz around their debut album “Lovers' Requiem”, I Am Ghost has returned with their much anticipated sophomore album, "Those We Leave Behind". The album is a unique mixture of dark, brooding rock infused with metallic riffs and soaring melodic choruses. The new material bridges the gap between punk and melodic hard rock, positioning I Am Ghost alongside Aiden, Escape the Fate, My Chemical Romance and AFI. Material from the new album is currently being streamed online at www.MySpace.com/IamGhost

The group is currently preparing for their European tour alongside Century Media’s Blessed By A Broken Heart and will be announcing a US tour for early 2009 shortly.


Oct 12 – Pomona, CA –The Glass House
Oct 27- Athens, Greece- Texas Necropolis (w/o BBABH)
Oct 30 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013
Oct 31 - Antwerp, Belgium - Biebob
Nov 01 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
Nov 04 - Hamburg, Germany - Logo
Nov 05 - Aarhus, Denmark - Voxhall
Nov 06 - Oslo, Norway - John Dee
Nov 07 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Brewhouse
Nov 08 - Stockholm, Sweden - Klubben
Nov 09 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega Jr.
Nov 11 - Berlin, Germany - Kato
Nov 12 - Dresden, Germany - Scheune
Nov 14- Szczecin, Poland- Stara cynkownia
Nov 15- łódź, Poland- Andy Club
Nov 20 - Munich, Germany - 59 to 1
Nov 21 - Dietikon, Switzerland - Sounddock 14
Nov 22 - Milan, Italy - Zoe Club
Nov 24 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Midnight
Nov 25 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Caracol
Nov 29 - Cologne, Germany - Underground
Nov 30 - Saarbruecken, Germany - Roxy
Dec 01 - Aschaffenburg, Germany - Colos-Saal
Dec 04 - Cardiff, UK - Barfly (with Fei Comodo)
Dec 05 - London, UK - University Of London (with Fei Comodo)
Dec 06 - Plymouth, UK - White Rabbit
Dec 07 - Wrexham, UK - Central Station
Dec 08 - Liverpool, UK - Barfly
Dec 09 - Glasgow, UK - Cathouse
Dec 10 - Birmingham, UK - Barfly
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HOME TOWN: Orange County, CA

Something dark has been brewing in the west coast of the United States... something crawling, clawing its way across the globe like a vampiric creature, leaving a trail of cult-like followers in its wake. A turbulent, menacing style of music that combines elements of metal, goth-rock, melodic-hardcore and screamo from one of Los Angeles' most provocative bands, I Am Ghost. With the impending release of the group's second full length album, Those We Leave Behind, the hardest working band around, finds themselves in a dark place, reconnecting with their passion for music through tragic tales of loss and despair.

Conceived by former animator/artist Steve Juliano, I Am Ghost was formed in the fall of 2004 in an attempt to create a style of music that not only rocked but also explored the beauty within darkness. After finding fellow musicians who shared his vision, Juliano and crew recorded an EP, We Are Always Searching, which quickly helped the band amass a strong following throughout southern California. In 2005, I Am Ghost signed to Epitaph Records, who released their debut full-length, Lovers' Requiem, the following year.

I Am Ghost's exceptional style of dark screamo and DIY work ethic is complimented by the band's remarkable live shows. After spending the past two years touring the world with bands like Aiden, Escape The Fate and Eyes Set To Kill among others, the band's tight sets of intensely passionate performances have won over fans from all over.

In October 2008 I Am Ghost will unveil their latest album, Those We Leave Behind - fourteen tumultuous tracks of dark rock. Combining sharp metallic riffs and soaring melodic choruses with tragic lyrics, Those We Leave Behind is a non-stop torrent of brooding passion-fueled rock with immediate accessibility. With a new lineup intact, I Am Ghost has a reenergized drive which translates to their darkest and hardest rocking music yet.

"We took everything differently this time," says the inimitable front-man  Juliano. "We didn't set out to impress anyone this time. We've learned so much from touring for two years straight. We saw the world and realized how important it was to connect with yourself. You need to play music you love. We didn't care what anyone thought of this new record. We loved it and we thought, if we loved it then I'm sure everyone else might dig it. The entire band just let loose. We didn't hold back and this time around there weren't people telling me what I could and could not say in my lyrics. I delved more into my dreams and nightmares and wrote lyrics that meant a lot to me and the band."

Blending fantasy and reality through twisted tales of death and tragedy, I Am Ghost revels in the quest to show the world the beauty in decay with songs like massive anthem "Don't Wake Up," the ode to the fallen "Those We Leave Behind" and the heart wrenching tale of "The Saddest Story Never Told." Those We Leave Behind is a stake in the heart of safe, conformed music, confirming their place among dark rock's most elite bands.