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CPR tour shapes up
December 4, 2006
January marks the second outing of the Corporate Punishment Tour, this time around set to feature headliners Amity Lane, featuring Kevin Palmer and Josh Moates of Trust Company, and special guests Hydrovibe, who recently made headlines with their Saw 3 contribution "Killer Inside", a duet with Saw 2 & 3 star Shawnee Smith.
The Metal Edge sponsored run (also sponsored by B.C. Rich Guitars and La Bella Strings) is set to kick off January 9th at the House of Blues in New Orleans and run through the end of January.
Tourdates so far:
1/09 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
1/10 Dallas, TX The Galaxy Club
1/12 St Paul, MN Station 4
1/13 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
1/16 Detroit, MI The Ritz
1/17 Flint, MI The Machine Shop
1/18 Cleveland, OH Peabody's
1/19 Brooklyn, NY Europa
1/20 Bedford, NH Mark's Showplace
1/23 Bound Brook, NJ Hamilton St. Café
1/25 Murfreesboro, TN Zakk's
1/26 Augusta, GA TBA
1/27 Montgomery, AL Off The Wagon
1/28 Montgomery, AL Off The Wagon
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Born in Louisiana, Hydrovibe began when vocalist Heather St. Marie joined forces with guitarist Mat Dauzat to create a sound that combined dynamic, guitar-driven music with extremely powerful and commanding female vocals.
Experiencing great success in the south, Hydrovibe began to branch out - touring the Midwest and the west coast to begin building a loyal fan base.
The band soon became known for their high-intensity shows and memorable performances, and the industry soon began to take notice.

Through industry suggestion and for the sake of taking the band to the next level, it became clear that Hydrovibe would need to move to Los Angeles.
Half of the band was simply unable to make such a life-changing move across the country, leaving St. Marie and Dauzat the tough challenge of relocating and reforming Hydrovibe in the City of Angels. The very week of arrival in L.A., Mat was handpicked by Sharon and Kelly Osbourne to play lead guitar in Kelly's band. With many high-profile TV performances in the U.S and Europe, and touring all over the world with Kelly, Mat began making more industry contacts and expanding the Hydrovibe fan base worldwide.

Meanwhile, back in L.A., Heather began scouring the scene for musicians to complete the band lineup. She and Dauzat continued to work on songwriting back and forth via the internet. Heavily influenced by the excitement and struggles of the recent major life changes and impacts on relationships (both good and bad), the new Hydrovibe songs grew extremely rich in melody and lyrical content while maintaining the heavy sound that the band had become known for. Through rehearsing the songs together live, the sound of Mat's strong harmonies combined with Heather's already powerful voice added another dynamic aspect to the band. Dauzat and St. Marie began recording pre-production demos and releasing them on MySpace in late 2003, and the songs began receiving strong reaction and industry attention. In spring of 2004, Hydrovibe joined forces with Atlantic Records to record 4 songs at Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, California.

Armed with the newly recorded songs, St. Marie and Dauzat underwent an extensive search to find the perfect members to complete Hydrovibe. Through industry friends they found drummer Philippe Mathys, a Swiss native who was playing in U.P.O. (Sony/Epic/Nitrus Records). Several months later, the band finalized its lineup when they found bass player Eliot Lorango through good friend and top L.A. musician-referral service owner, Barry Squire. Meanwhile Atlantic Records underwent "restructuring," and Hydrovibe decided to switch gears and release an album on their own. They formed their own label, Orleans Street Records, a tribute to their original Louisiana stomping grounds.

"We spent a lot of time playing the major label game just to find out that we were doing a lot of things right on our own all along," says Dauzat. "In order to remain true to our roots, we feel that it is time for the band to put out an album on our own."

"There's too much momentum for us to be slowed down by anything at this point," says St. Marie. "Our fans have waited long enough."
With the band lineup complete, Hydrovibe locked themselves in a North Hollywood rehearsal room for 3 months to write new music and get enough material ready to record. After the pre-production work, the band entered the studio in June 2006 with enough material to record an EP and an full-length album. The EP "Killer Inside" will be available at hydrovibe.com in early November and their as-of-yet-untitled full-length album will be released in early 2007.