Horse Called War
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Album Releases

HOME TOWN: Oklahoma City, OK
Aaron Korstjens - Vocals
Bryan Slusser - Guitar
Kelly Lay- Guitar
Nick Brower - Bass
T.J. Mansfield - Drums

THE REVOLUTION OF AMERICAN METAL a catch phrase that seems to be used a lot lately, but there is no better way to describe the movement that is the music of HORSE CALLED WAR. From typical humble beginnings in August of 2002, to what has become HORSE CALLED WAR with current line up guitarists Kelly Lay and Bryan Slusser, bassist Nick Brower, vocalist Aaron Korstjens and drummer, TJ Mansfield. What started as innocent jam/drinking sessions formed the groundwork that strengthens HORSE CALLED WAR's music to the next level.

Horse Called War has developed a following throughout the southwest that continues to grow with every blistering, energetic live performance. HORSE CALLED WAR has shared the stage with many national and regional acts including: Lamb of God, OTEP, W.A.S.P, Children of Bodom, Powerman 5000, Suffocation, Behemoth, Silent Civilian, Cattle Decapitation, Bleed the Sky, A Dozen Furies(RIP), Manntis, Thine Eyes Bleed, Curse Your Name, Horror, My Ruin, Rikets, Dryline, Hostility, Self Inflicted, and many others.

The band first captured their aggressive & driven sound on their debut 4 song EP "barriers" in March of 2004, followed by their highly anticipated 5 song follow up EP "tainted America" in July of 2005. HORSE CALLLED WAR released their first full length disc on December 15, 2007. The new cd titled "Becoming" features the band at it's best. From technical to groove to even melodic, "Becoming" has something that every fan of true metal can and will latch onto. The first single "Coward Be Thy Name" is currently the champion of KATT 100.5 FM Oklahoma City's "Band to Band" champion defeating the likes of such mainstream acts as Kid Rock, Linkin Park, and Foo Fighters thus far and looking to continue. Proof that this band's fanbase as well as their music is strong and becoming more so every day!!