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Album Releases

Magnetic North

A Types

The Satellite Years
HOME TOWN: Charlotte, NC
Jay Forrest (vocals)
Dustin Nadler (guitar)
Josh Brigham (guitar)
Mike Tyson (bass)
Adam Baker (drums)

According to the New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, the definition of a Type A Personality is: “ A temperament marked by excessive competitiveness and ambition, an obsession with accomplishing tasks quickly, little time for self-reflection, and a strong need to control situations.” The definition itself gives us a peek into the window of what .hopesfall.an d their newest release for Trustkill Records will be like – ambitious, competitive, obsessive. The album is called “A Types” and musically it is an ambitious departure from where their last album left off. Produced and mixed by Steven Haigler (Brand New, Quicksand) – he was able to bring to the forefront, the bands' musicianship. With the addition of a few new members over the course of time, their writing seemed to leap to a new complexity this time around. The lyricism and vocal range are evidently expanded on “A Types”. A full month of long and hard 14 hour work days is apparent in every track of “A Types” - .hopesfall. held nothing back and let everything go on this one. Mixing dissonance and melody, hopesfall.were a unique fixture on the hardcore musical landscape. Moody guitars that are as moving as they are weighty, growling yet haunting vocals are just a few of many things that set this band apart from their peers. With two previous indie releases under their belt, their 2002 Trustkill Records debut “The Satellite Years” became a watershed album for the band & the scene. It sold over 35,000 records to date – faster then many notable bands in emo/hardcore. The album was hailed from notable websites such as The PRP, Blistering and Shoutweb to national tastemaking magazines such as Alternative Press, Revolver and UK's Rocksound. With almost two years of non stop touring with groups such as The Ataris, Coheed & Cambria, Killswitch Engage, Snapcase and The Juliana Theory under their belt, .hopesfall. finally took time out of their busy schedule to record their sophomore effort for Trustkill. In June 2004, .hopesfall. took to VuDu Studios in Freeport, NY with Haigler at the helm. The band worked themselves to complete exhaustion, the result of which can be heard on their newest record, “A Types”. Set to release on October 19, 2004 – “A Types” exhibits a more mature and confident .hopesfall. The years of honing their skills on the road as well as challenging themselves musically, has certainly paid off. When asked to describe the music on “A Types” and their song writing process, the band stated, “We do not wish to exist within confining genres and subgenres of the particular scenes that dot the hardcore/emo landscape. Rather, we hope to defy these categories placed on music by remaining true to the creative process of writing songs. Whether our music expresses itself through a melodic spaced out riff or a heavy driving breakdown... we will continue to push our own creative boundaries. We hope that the music world will support us on our way.” Fans from all over the musical landscape will set out to enjoy the sights and sounds of “A Types” and the live experience called .hopesfall.