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01. Madhouse
02. Walk On By
03. Game Over
04. Habeus
05. Suffa
06. Comeova2nite
07. C2GU
08. RTO
09. MirrorBallin
10. Tienanman Squared
11. Children
12. Atlantis A.D.
13. Wind Me Up
14. Don't Let Me Down

 (hed) pe
New World Orphans
Suburban Noize
This isn’t your older brother’s anarchist’s music, not by any short measure and not your dad’s hippy music. Just spin “Renegade” off of NWO and you’ll want to come out blazing on the front street (a fat one!), and call out all the hypocrites in the hood. Chances are, they couldn’t handle it anyway! Frontman/vocalist Jared Gomes, will have anger coursing through you veins, and rightfully so with his “dead-on-subject ?” pervasive lyrical attacks. Shooting what he sees as real from the hip; perpetuated in thought and cause. Because the dark ages are upon us, and not yet have been fully revealed yet the vivacious frontman repetitively points out (i.e.,video/single “Ordo (ab Chao),” “Middle Class Blues” and “Live Or Die Free”).

The music of New World Orphans is the cumulative effect of the self-proclaimed DIY guys wildest shit to date. Big tough bass beats pummels you like a true heavy-hitter’s punches. And you better be strong for the 26 tracks (hed) pe lays out for you on New World Orphans. This album is as innovative and relevant to the time like Broke was to it’s time. The first tune tune really rip it out hardcore style is definitely “Bloodfire,” this is some sick stuff. Wild man whips out some vocals like never before, and the segue with Martin Luther King’s speech is tight. This spills over into “Odro (ab Chao)” a funk/punk/hardcore joint all mixed up into one you see. Which, the song title is latin for order out of chaos. The acoustic number “Self Aware” is also a real departure from the bands usual song structure, but the crescendo makes it an ultimate rock anthem to be maximally enjoyed.

Guest appearances by (hed)’s Suburban Noize/SRH label compadre’s include Dirtball on “Stay Ready.” Which, has some huge fucking hooks! The Kottonmouth Kings on the obvious choice of a song, “Higher Grounds.” And, TECH N9NE on the elusive “Work On This. Creating a hip hop sexual masterpiece. The next video is the aforementioned “Renegade,” and if the NFL is smart they’ll by this one up for promo pieces. It’s got that vibe to it. Then the next cut “Everything All The Time” would be perfect piece for a the Playboy channel for its sexual implicitly and sexual funk! There’s been some serious time put into this mix on (hed) pe’s latest works, and is worth picking up and joining the New World Orphans!

-Gigz Giger


RATING: 8/11

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